Key Considerations: WordPress Hosting for Digital Agencies

Key Considerations: WordPress Hosting for Digital Agencies
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Easy. Fast. Secure. That’s what your WordPress hosting needs to be. Many other things need to be easy, fast, and secure, too. Purchasing stuff on your online store, page load speed, and payment and personal data processes to name just three. But let’s start with your website hosting.

Your websites and those of your clients are critical to your business. No website = no money. Hosting isn’t the place to merely satisfy. WordPress Hosting for your agency is where you want to be excited, happy, and confident. Surprises are great for birthday parties, but not so great for website hosting that your business relies on.

Easy. Fast. Secure. What does that mean exactly?

For us, and probably for you as well, it’s more than just three words. It means your hosting interface is simple and easy to use. It means your website – front end and back end — is performant with lightning-fast speed. It also means that the security of your website processes – for you and your clients – is always on. 

What is this worth to you? What would you lose if your website, or those of your clients were slow, complicated to use, or possibly hackable? Think about that. Probably more than $30 a month, right?

“Relatively small businesses’ cost of downtime falls into a range of $137 to $427 per minute, whereas for larger businesses, the downtime can cost over $16,000 per minute or just a short outage.”

What Do You Want From Your WordPress Hosting Company?

Of the following five website hosting considerations, what is the most important to you? Which of the five would you sacrifice if you had to? Which service would never be too expensive?

  • Flexibility. 
  • Core Performance
  • Security
  • Support and Client Management
  • Price.

Not an easy question, but sometimes you have to sacrifice one thing for another. Some hosting providers offer a great price, but the support isn’t the best. Others have great support, but the scalability leaves something to be desired. Most importantly, does your hosting provider, as a core competence, really support WordPress?

Looking for the best WordPress hosting for your agency? Impress clients with the best performance and security for your clients to make your life easier managing your business

Rocket offers a custom-built cloud platform optimized for WordPress. Just WordPress. Rocket’s managed WordPress hosting includes an intuitive control panel for site performance insights, a global Enterprise Edge CDN for fast content delivery worldwide, free site migrations, robust security with a web application firewall (WAF) and real-time malware scanning, and 24/7 expert support for migrations, troubleshooting, and any other WordPress or WooCommerce assistance you may need.

“The dashboard is super easy to use, the fact that you spin up a dev URL first is amazing! It is so easy to work on a site and share a URL with a client without having to do some crazy DNS records or some hosting trick like I used to do in the past.”

Cornerstone Seo

Must-Haves: WordPress Hosting for Digital Agencies


This is at the top of the list. Your company is going to grow. As you grow, your website needs to change. Choose a hosting plan with easy-to-scale storage, bandwidth, and human support.

  • If you’re managing multiple client sites, look for a hosting provider that offers white-label reseller options
  • Some providers offer tools to manage multiple client sites from a single dashboard, saving you time and effort.

Most importantly, whether your websites are organic or geared towards eCommerce, you really need a managed WordPress host. Shared hosting or mixed hosting won’t cut it. Managed hosting offers pre-installed WordPress, automatic updates, a staging environment for development and testing, security patching and most of all, people who are committed to WordPress.

“Benefits since switching to Speed and support. I currently have over 20 websites hosted with Rocket. Some are fairly high-traffic sites that, thanks to Rocket, load extremely fast. Security is key with their built-in product features, and I’m able to rely on their tech support from the Rocket customer service team when I need it.”


Core Performance

  • You need a hosting provider with a superior uptime guarantee. Even a few downtimes can negatively affect your reputation and customer’s shopping experience.
  • Fast loading times are important for user experience as well as SEO. Look for providers that have features like servers and caching optimized for WordPress to ensure fast performance.

Fast websites are proven to attract and retain potential customers. This is why it’s critical to deliver your content as fast as possible. With our fine-tuned Enterprise Edge CDN, Rocket delivers an equally awesome experience to your website visitors regardless of where in the world they are. Rocket isn’t just fast; it’s the fastest!


  • Choose a WordPress host with robust security measures such as firewalls, malware scanning, automatic updates, and intrusion detection systems.

“Having an Enterprise WAF and real-time malware scanning on every website is a game changer. Previously we had to purchase expensive third-party plugins and maintain them; today, Rocket handles all of that for us… ultimately leading to a huge cost and time savings for us and our customers.”

Twodot Marketing

Did you know? 43% of online attacks target small businesses, yet only 14% are prepared to defend themselves. While WordPress is built with security in mind, weak passwords, outdated software, and outdated plugins/themes pose risks to your online business. At Rocket, we prioritize agency website security out of the box without special configurations. Our hosting offers enterprise-level security features like a Web Application Firewall (WAF), malware scanning, and forced HTTPS. 

Support and Client Management

  • Practical and knowledgeable support is essential when issues arise. Your website is on 24/7, so look for providers with 24/7 support options and a variety of channels such as phone, email, and live chat.

“Our team can confidently approach even the most challenging of web hosting issues knowing that 24/7 we can open a chat or support ticket and get truly technical advice and answers from the team at Rocket.”

Jezweb offers WordPress hosting with 24/7 human support which is crucial for agencies managing client websites. We have an expert support team available around the clock to promptly address any issues or queries. That means you can provide reliable service to your clients without wasting time troubleshooting problems. With qualified team members and a focus on empowering agencies with knowledge, Rocket is the ideal hosting partner for WordPress agencies seeking top-notch support. 


  • You get what you pay for. A dollar a day is the least you should be able to afford to keep your website on. Think five years ahead, and balance your present business needs with your budget. There are different hosting plans, so check them out, and talk with your provider about moving from one plan to another over time. Just don’t save money in the wrong place. is committed to providing a premium hosting experience that goes beyond commodity hosting offerings. was built differently to address common issues in the industry, such as slow-loading websites, overcrowded servers, and server failures. Our focus is on offering superior levels of performance, security, and support. This sets us apart from commodity hosting providers that prioritize low prices.

Some hosting companies offer attractive initial discounts but then hike up prices significantly upon renewal. is committed to transparency and customer trust by not engaging in such deceptive pricing tactics. Rocket’s policy of no hidden upsells or renewal price increases ensures that you pay the same fair price throughout your hosting experience without any unpleasant surprises or fine print to worry about.

We’d Love to Show You What The Fastest WordPress Hosting Actually Means for Your Agency!

Grow your agency with lightning-fast, secure, and optimized websites that are easy to set up & manage. Top-tier agencies and online businesses choose as their trusted managed WordPress hosting provider – why shouldn’t you, too?

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