A finely-tuned CDN powered by our Enterprise Edge,  no stingy PHP worker limitations, no hidden upsells, and an unwavering commitment to customer support are all reasons why you need to switch from Kinsta to


When it comes to comparing and Kinsta, according to our customers you’ll find to not only be easier to use, faster and more secure, but also backed by better customer service with no hidden fees/up-sells.

PHP WorkersUnlimited$
Object Cache ProFree
Full Page Caching
Global TTFB100ms504ms
Smart Caching
Tiered Caching
Smart Routing
Real-time Malware Scanning
NVMe Storage
WordPress Activity Logs
File Manager
Public API
The Kinsta Truth

When Customers Share Their Experiences

Kinsta has a new website design and claim many things, but what you say isn’t always what you do; they may promise the world, but be prepared for constant calls to upsell more expensive hosting and products when sales needs to hit their quota.

We've got you covered

Customer Service That Never Sleeps

While Kinsta has made damaging claims about our support and CEO helping customers, at we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and always do whatever it takes for our customers.

In 2024, served over 45,000 chats with an average response time of 41 seconds all while maintaining an industry leading 97% customer satisfaction rate. CEO Tweet
Bold Claims

20% Faster Than *insert company here*

In almost every competitive analysis Kinsta publishes, they claim to be either 20%, 13%, 26%, or 29% faster than the competitor. It seems very farfetched that so many competitors would have such a common slowness compared to Kinsta.

In fact, in our testing we found quite the opposite. We actually found to be over 6x faster at 86ms TTFB compared to a 569ms TTFB according to SpeedVitals.

Don't just take our word for it

What Real Kinsta Customers Have To Say

Over the years, we’ve migrated many WordPress sites off of Kinsta.

Read what the feedback has been directly from our customers on Twitter and Trustpilot.

I Think at the end people will know which one is best, I have migrated almost 20 people out of WP Engine and Kinsta to and they all are surprised with performance.

Rahul SinghRahul Singh

As a former Kinsta customer, Rocket is by far the better choice in my experience. Easily the best customer support I’ve ever had with nearly instant (helpful) response every time.

Adam H.

“Identification and removal of infected plugins and themes.”

That’s their main process for malware removal. Malware is in the plugins? Just remove the plugin.

All I can say is, we’ve removed malware from many Kinsta sites. Never once for Rocket.

Thomas J. Raef

We moved from Kinsta to Rocket yesterday and have to say that it is superior when it comes to speed and performance. We did lowered our TTFB 10x, it’s insane!
The support is also world class, can’t thank Ben on Rocket enough. Had we known that Rocket was this good earlier, we would have changed a long time ago.
It’s worth every penny, thank’s again Rocket!!

Robert Hedlund
The Difference

So What Are Some Advantages?

At, we take great pride in providing maximum customer success. We’ve been in the hosting industry for over twenty two years and have put years of effort into building an amazing platform.

Proven Competitive Edge

Built 'Edge First' From The Start

The platform was launched behind an Enterprise Edge in 2020. We’ve spent years perfecting our Edge delivery, while competitors like Kinsta are just trying to figure it out.

Developer Friendly

Modern tooling for Developers

Everything at is built API first and that same API is available to our customers. From automated cache busting, to recreating the entire portal, developers love our open platform.

  • Rocket Alt Public API
  • Rocket Alt WP CLI Terminal
  • Rocket Alt Portal SDK

24/7 Support powered by Industry Experts

Our team didn’t start in the marketing field. We’ve been in the hosting industry for over 20+ years! Our platform is comprised of true hosting veterans that have years of experience with WordPress and beyond.

  • Rocket Alt Helping you solve any problems
  • Rocket Alt Instant response via live chat
  • Rocket Alt Email and Phone available
  • Rocket Alt Don't be surprised if the CEO jumps in to help

Unlimited Migrations With No Gotchas

Unlike our competitors, provides unlimited migrations at any time during the lifetime of your account, at no additional cost!

  • Rocket Alt 1:1 condition match
  • Rocket Alt Typically complete within 45 minutes
  • Rocket Alt 0% downtime or service interruptions

Hands down the best experience with the support team! They migrated my site for free from Kinsta within minutes. Not only that but the speed is crazy fast!

Bryan Peterson

Recently, we migrated to and brought all of our client sites over. We’ve done this a few times before and was painless, seamless, and quick. Customer support is the best we’ve ever seen.

Brian Dote

The fastest woocommerce site migration I have ever experienced. From starting the chat until they migrated my site (including the NS propagation) takes only 30 minutes. Highly recommended!


They got my sites quickly migrated onto their servers and saw an instant speed increase from the old host for half the price and no restrictive php worker limits. Support is world-class and all of the team are very helpful and knowledgeable.


Went for a 3 year plan and no regrets so far, the migration process was fast, easy and free. Pagespeed scores improved immediately and i absolutely love their customer support.


Our Customer support stats. Never settle for less!

We set the highest standards for our customer support to ensure you have the best experience possible. Unlike our competitors, we always put ourselves in the customers shoes and ensure a very personable experience every time.

Rocket Alt

47 sec

Avg. Chat Response

Rocket Alt

6 min

Avg. Ticket Response

Rocket Alt

43 min

Avg. Migration Time

Rocket Alt


Satisfaction Rate


True all-in-one, no gotchas

Whether you value ease of use, speed, security, backups or having best in class support, we have you covered. A true all in one solution with no hidden upsells or fees which all customers love.

  • Starter Plan1 WordPress Site, 250,000 Visits, 10GB Storage
  • Enterprise CDNPreconfigured & WordPress Optimized
  • Enterprise grade WAFTwo level protection for added security.
  • Real-time Malware ScanningWe scan every file at time of write for malware keeping you safe.
Try it now!Single management experience with experienced WordPress Support.
$30 /month

Mixed providers stack

  • Kinsta Starter Plan1 WordPress Install, 25,000 Visits, 10GB Disk Space
  • CDNPartial implementation
  • WAF PluginNecessary to catch beyond Cloudflare WAF
  • Real-time Malware ScanningThird party plugin required.
Good luck!Multiple providers with varying degrees of support and bills.
Total: $53 /month

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