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Take a look at one of our latest case studies to learn how House of Ideas not only improved performance, but saved time and money with the Platform.

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We take great pride in successful missions & have documented the journey in these case studies which explore’s WordPress solutions.

  • Twodot-Small

    Twodot Marketing

    Unhappy with the overall performance (even when using a CDN for static assets on top of their premium hosting) for the price they were paying led CEO Joshua Etheridge to find something better.

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  • M3-Small

    M3 Media

    With the election season hitting peak, M3 Media needed a provider that could easily scale to millions of visitors per hour without downtime. Learn how CloudFlare & full-page caching scaled for them.

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  • CornerStone-Small

    CornerStone SEO

    Before Corner Stone SEO utilized four unique hosting providers for his clients hosting needs, which started out to save money, but ended up costing more than expected and as it grew became more complex to manage.

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Troy McCasland Customer Trustpilot Reviews is the fastest, easiest, most secure way to host your WordPress website. Their support is amazing and their pricing is great. I’ve used a number of web hosts over the years and this the best company I’ve ever worked with. Ben and Aaron are veterans in industry have created an awesome product. What I love most is how fast the sites are and how easy it is to deploy managed, secure WordPress websites.

Blair Cullen Customer Trustpilot Reviews

I’ve been in the Internet publishing/podcasting business for many large media companies and have had to work with my fair share of CDN’s, hosting companies and other similar vendors. I can honestly say never have I been so impressed with the level of performance, features and customer service as I have with We would HIGHLY recommend Rocket and plan on being a customer of theirs for a very long time.

Joe Gilharry 2 years ago Customer Trustpilot Reviews

With over 12 years of experience using WordPress, I have to say Rocket is the absolute best WordPress hosting platform I have come across. I run a digital marketing agency and website development and hosting is a large part of what we do.

Rocket not only provides a very user friendly interface, but the founders are seasoned veterans who understand every aspect of Web Hosting. I couldn’t be more happy as a customer. Thank you guys for your hard work and dedication to providing a service that is game changing!

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