Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Enterprise WordPress Hosting For Your Business

Rocket.net’s WordPress Enterprise hosting platform powers many of the world’s highest traffic websites. From WooCommerce stores processing thousands of orders, key government officials, to large media and adtech websites, we provide the fastest and most secure infrastructure possible for your business.

Introducing the Ultimate Performance Bundle

Whether you’re handling 100 orders a minute or running a training class for 500 students – Rocket has put together the ultimate WordPress performance stack to support your needs.

Edge Delivery

Enterprise Edge

Every pageview can result in dozens of simultaneous requests. That’s why we put our Enterprise Edge in front of the entire platform, ultimately reserving critical server resources for when you really need them – generating revenue.

Learn more about the Rocket.net Enterprise Edge

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Infinite Scale

Offloading all static assets and cacheable HTML to our Enterprise CDN allows your business to scale and provide your visitors with the best possible experience.

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Instant Speed Optimizations

Pre-configured off-server optimizations powered by our Enterprise Edge that compress, load and perform image resizing, which instantly boost speed performance without sacrificing quality.

Turbo Charged PHP


Relay is the next-generation caching layer for PHP. With it’s shared in-memory cache, dynamic requests can be served without ever having to actually process PHP code.

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Outrageously fast, easy on gas

It handles millions of requests per second without breaking a sweat, while also reducing network communication with Redis™ to a bare minimum — saving you resources, bandwidth and money.

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Always-on, No Configuration

Each and every Enterprise plan at Rocket has Relay pre-configured and always-on so your site is always ready for traffic.


Redis & Object Cache Pro

WordPress relies heavily on MySQL which can easily get bogged down when it comes to heavy load. With the use of Redis and Object Cache Pro we can reduce your site’s MySQL queries by 90%.

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Seamlessly Integrated

Object Cache Pro integrates tightly with WordPress itself and the dashboard widget makes interactions easy.

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WooCommerce Ready

Object Cache Pro is extensively tested and optimized for WooCommerce.

Enterprise Hosting Compared

Rocket.net vs Others

At Rocket.net, your Enterprise deployment is completely dedicated to your site(s) and resides on our fully managed Private Cloud.

Rocket.netWPEngineWP VIPPagelyCloudways
Disk PerformanceNVMeNetwork SSDNetwork SSDNetwork SSDNetwork SSD
Object Cache Pro
Ultimate Benefits

Our Platform provides immediate benefits.

Simply switch to Rocket.net and your site will start to fly, leading to several benefits. The best part? There’s no configuration required!

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Increase Revenue

Every millisecond counts when it comes to your online business. Maximize your conversion rate with our blazing fast platform.

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Improve SEO

With an average TTFB of 100ms globally, your site is immediately favored by Google and other search engines – ultimately improving rankings.

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No Technical Setup Required

We built this with you and your customers in mind, so getting everything up and running is simple and requires no technical knowledge.

Extend your team

VIP Support

At Rocket.net our team truly is an extension to your team. We handle everything from server management, core web vital optimizations, to plugin recommendations and development.

We truly believe that Rocket is our partner and an extension of our team. We know that we can rest easy knowing that our sites are in good hands, support is readily available to solve the problem (even if its not their issue)!

Philip Alexander

Being 100% confident that our clients websites are fast, secure and running on the highest grade hardware and networks makes growing our business and delighting clients much easier than ever before.

Jeremy Robinson

They have gone beyond my expectations, quickly resolving any issues and accommodating my numerous requests along the way. Rocket.net is light-years ahead of the competition.

Robert Hedlund

I can honestly say never have I been so impressed with the level of performance, features and customer service as I have with Rocket.net.

Blair Cullen

I am so glad we found Rocket.net for our Agency. No more monitoring of servers, doing server upgrades in the middle of the night or applying security updates. They do it all!

Jacobus Van Niekerk

Their support is the perfect balance of going above and beyond and educating you as a user. They make all the premium hosts I used look like F class hosting, vs A class for rocket.net.

I will never use Kinsta, WP Engine, Pantheon, Flywheel again.


Always thoughtful when troubleshooting, even if it isn’t Rocket’s fault – so kind.

Susan Finch
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Private Slack Channel

Enjoy your very own Slack channel that’s accessible by the entire Rocket.net team. Slack is a huge part of our daily workflow and we want to make sure we keep it a part of yours.

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Instant Responses

We guarantee a 60-second or less response time on any channel for our Enterprise customers.

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Emergency Phone Line

Need help NOW? No problem, you’ll have access to a dedicated Enterprise support phone number that’s available 24/7/365.

True Speed

Rocket.net is the fastest. Period.

A fast WordPress website can help you sell more products, retain your visitors, improve your search ranking, and bolster your brand’s reputation.

Speed Results

These are actual TTFB speed results (averaged) from customers migrating their sites to our platform.

  • Rocket.net
    ~ 83ms
  • WP VIP
    ~ 81% Slower ~ 196ms
  • Pagely
    ~ 114% Slower ~ 306ms
  • WPEngine
    ~ 150% Slower ~ 616ms
  • Cloudways
    ~ 153% Slower ~ 625ms
Seamless Transition

Hands-free Expert Migration

Our team will migrate your site 1:1 to your new Enterprise plan at Rocket.net and handle the entire process. From migrating your files and database(s), to updating your DNS records – we’ve got it covered.

They got my sites quickly migrated onto their servers and saw an instant speed increase from the old host for half the price and no restrictive php worker limits. Support is world-class and all of the team are very helpful and knowledgeable.


Hands down the best experience with the support team! They migrated my site for free from Kinsta within minutes. Not only that but the speed is crazy fast!

Bryan Peterson

Recently, we migrated to Rocket.net and brought all of our client sites over. We’ve done this a few times before and Rocket.net was painless, seamless, and quick. Customer support is the best we’ve ever seen.

Brian Dote

Moving our site from WPEngine improved our site speed from a “D” to EXCELLENT an “A”. I highly recommend Rocket.net. They handled the migration for us! The customer support was amazing!

Ray Williams

The fastest woocommerce site migration I have ever experienced. From starting the chat until they migrated my site (including the NS propagation) takes only 30 minutes. Highly recommended!


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100% Exact condition match

Our team will ensure everything matches your live website on a temporary URL before DNS is updated.

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Zero downtime or service interruptions

With our advanced technology for issuing SSL certificates, we can have your SSL issued and ready to go before your website has to point to Rocket.net.

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Fully handled by our WordPress expert team

Our team truly does it all to create a stress free migration. From data migration and sync’ing, to updating DNS on your behalf.


Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise hosting was designed for high-traffic, dynamic sites. If you’re running a busy LMS or WooCommerce store, the Enterprise option is perfect for you! These plans will be capable of handling an enormous amount of traffic while keeping the site fast so you don’t lose potential orders or viewers.

Rocket.net was founded on the premise of 20+ years of hosting experience. When it comes to WordPress we’ve seen it all. We’re here to provide a secure, stable, and FAST environment for your site to thrive.

Absolutely. These Enterprise plans take full advantage of our Enterprise EDGE configuration in addition to Redis, Object Cache Pro, and Relay. We’re configured specifically for very busy WooCommerce websites, even when a sale goes viral. 

We offer a private Slack channel for all clients using one of our Enterprise plans. When the sign-up is complete, we’ll send an invite to you. Asking for support in Slack is very easy since we use it extensively for our day-to-day operations. Think of Rocket.net support as an extension of your team.

Yes! These Enterprise solutions include Redis, Object Cache Pro, and Relay at no additional charge. We believe in a stellar performance for our customers and these tools help tremendously.

Absolutely! We’d love to sit down and chat a bit further about your site. We’re available 24×7 via live chat or feel free to Schedule a Demo for a personal review of your requirements via Zoom.

Ready for speed?

Once you’re ready for a test, we’ll be waiting on chat! Let us do a FREE test migration for you so you can see the difference yourself on a temporary URL, without updating any domain settings!