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Introducing Chris Azzari and Cornerstone SEO

I run a busy Marketing Agency that focuses on SEO and website design. I run all my sites in WordPress and have been using WP since 2006. I really do like the tech side of things since I come from an IT background, but I love learning new things and trying to stay on top of the latest updates in the industry

What is your business about?

Helping people get more traffic to their websites via organic and paid traffic.

“Why in this day and age would you want to manage your own dedicated server or VPS? takes care of all the headaches for me so I can concentrate on growing my business”

Why did you first think about switching hosting companies?

There was a time when I was trying to handle 4-5 different hosting platforms at the same time, managing that was always a constant nightmare when a site was hacked or needed more resources.

Most ran CPANEL, but if it was a dedicated server, then I had to manage it or pay a ton of money to let the hosting company manage it for me.

Or it was a cheap reseller account that ended up running slow or getting banned because of other “bad sites” sharing the IP. I know a lot of that environment has changed these days, but that is what I was dealing with for years.

I needed a better solution to help me manage my growing agency.

Benefits since switching to

Rocket is just the best! I personally have around 90 sites hosted on Rocket right now and work with another agency that hosts about 20 sites on the platform as well..

I’m constantly moving sites around or doing other things, I’ve always been appreciative that their support is always on and there to help me when I need anything.

The dashboard is super easy to use, the fact that you spin up a dev URL first is amazing! It is so easy to work on a site and share a URL with a client without having to do some crazy DNS records or some hosting trick like I used to do in the past.

“It’s a no-brainer for me. From day one, Rocket has just made everything easier! That says a lot since I have been doing this since 2006!”

Any specific incidents where we were able to help you that went above and beyond?

Pretty much every day!

My biggest gripe over the years is I’ve never been on a hosting platform where I can get on live chat support and get them to respond, let alone help me out. Like really help me!

There was one time I moved this NIGHTMARE of a multi wp site over… it had like 40 multi sites…

Ready to get started? Head over to our plans page or schedule a demo call and we’ll explain the entire platform and we can see what works best for your business.

Rocket made sure everything was transitioned over smoothly without a hitch. There have been so many times I’ve hit up their support team with whatever I’ve needed and they’ve always come through for me.


Ready for the experience? Head over to our plans page and join thousands of other successful agencies!

If you’re looking for more info we’d love to demo the platform for you and you can see all the technical details and understand how your business can best benefit from it.

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