Fastest WordPress Hosting Not just fast, but the fastest!

Enhance your website speed with pre-configured, enterprise level optimizations that instantly improve SEO scores and eliminate costly plugins.

How is so fast?

With over 20+ years in the hosting industry, we believe in providing only the best-in-class technology for our customers. uses the most sophisticated, enterprise level tools to ensure your websites are always up and running at full speed.

Powered By the Edge

World's Fastest WordPress Hosting Platform

Thanks to our fine-tuned Enterprise CDN, we make sure all of your website visitors from around the world get an equally awesome, lightning-fast browsing experience. No configuration required, no hidden costs.

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Benefits Of A Fast Website

What does that mean for you?

Website speed is extremely important because fast websites are proven to attract and retain potential customers. This is why it’s critical to deliver your content as fast as possible. With your site immediately benefits from the following:

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Better website metrics

  • More traffic
  • Better SEO
  • Less abandons
  • More sales
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Pre-configured & optimized

Having a lightning fast website shouldn’t be something you have to think about setting up and optimizing, because we do it for you from the moment you create your website.

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Higher conversion rates

Faster websites lead to higher conversion rates and [the] fastest websites lead to the highest conversions. Don’t let slow website speed cost you another sale ever again.

Faster Websites = Improved SEO

Google loves sites hosted on

It’s no secret that Google prioritizes faster loading websites, as shown by their introduction of Core Web Vitals. Performance is an important part of providing a great user experience for people visiting your site.

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What our competitors don't want you to know!

Fully optimized and pre-configured Enterprise CDN and WAF come included with our WordPress hosting to ensure you are always maximizing website performance out of the box- No configuration required.

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The 'Secret Sauce'

Benefit from Rocket’s 20+ years of experience in the hosting industry. We’ve pre-configured full-page caching, cookie cache bypassing and hundreds of other refinements for optimal performance. Breathe easy knowing that has the fastest, most sophisticated WordPress implementation in the world.

Speed & Metrics Network Performance Metrics

We believe in full transparency and we think that you deserve to see just how fast and reliable’s performance is in real time.

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7.02 Billion

Total Requests

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229.46 TB

Total Bandwidth

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Avg. Time to First Byte

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Cache Hit Ratio

Strategically Deployed

Globally Cached And Always Nearby

Switching over to has never been easier. On top of the entire process being seamless and fully handled by us, you’ll experience incredible website speed and performance boosts.

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  • Rocket Alt Optimized for WordPress
  • Rocket Alt 2-3x faster than Google Cloud
  • Rocket Alt 275+ Worldwide Edge Locations
  • Rocket Alt Pre-configured for maximum speed

Ready for speed?

Once you’re ready for a test, we’ll be waiting on chat! Let us do a FREE test migration for you so you can see the difference yourself on a temporary URL, without updating any domain settings!