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Jezweb team designs, builds, manages and promotes websites for businesses and organisations in Australia, New Zealand and all over the world.


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Introducing Jeremy Dawes from Jezweb

With two over two decades of internet industry experience, Jezweb specializes in WordPress design, SEO and digital marketing for thousands of clients around the world.

Specialising in WordPress web development from the simplest designs through to API integrations and complex ecommerce configurations is at the core of what we do.

WordPress along with a small selection of plugins such as Elementor, Gravity Forms and Woocommerce provide a huge amount of flexibility and the pace of development of the platform ensures we can keep designing fantastic websites that are fast, responsive and simple to update.

“Rocket has been instrumental in retaining and securing new clients for Jezweb. We are able to demonstrate the performance benefits provided by the Cloudflare network coupled with the very best servers available”

Why did you first think about switching hosting companies?

It is clear to me that we must move quickly to adapt and grow. I’ve never been satisfied to do the same thing from year to year and when a client asks for help with something my natural reaction is to say yes and either work out how to do it or find someone for them who can.

Throughout the time I have been creating websites we have continued to test out new website and hosting platforms to ensure that we can give our clients the best possible performance.

A lot of WordPress performance optimisation involves caching, minification and related features and we tried extensively to use Litespeed and all the best rated caching and performance plugins we could find and every time we would get it configured and then things would break. It was possible to get good performance but we would spend a lot of time getting it working and then have problems with enquiry forms or plugins that would be added to the site. In the end we would just turn it all off so that we wouldn’t have our whole dev and support team chasing issues with caching plugins. It really came to a head one day when we nearly lost a client because a caching plugin was showing a blank white page for a website instead of the fantastic homepage we designed.

We spent a lot of time testing the leading solutions for WordPress and decided that Cloudflare was going to be the way not just we but the entire hosting industry would end up going because it was a whole stack solution to improve everything from the server to the web browser.

“Our team can confidently approach even the most challenging of web hosting issues knowing that 24/7 we can open a chat or support ticket and get truly technical advice and answers from the team at Rocket”

Benefits since switching to

Finding a technical partner that would grow with us and give us the benefits of Cloudflare Enterprise led to many further trials and testing of various hosts. When we found Rocket, configured some sites to test performance and had a chat with Ben where he explained the future plans for the platform it was clear we had found what we were looking for.

Much of the longevity and success of Jezweb, I believe, can be found in my enthusiasm and willingness to seek new and better ways to use the web rather than relying on past practices or ‘what works’. I am not afraid to test new ideas or to discontinue services that are no longer viable.

Any specific incidents where we were able to help you that went above and beyond

We are in a fast-changing industry with client expectations continually rising and the scale and ambition that Ben has gives us complete confidence that we made the right decision in partnering with Rocket for our managed WordPress hosting.

It is so very satisfying to show a client that their website can load fast no matter what part of the world the visitor is in because of the incredible power of the Cloudflare network.


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If you’re looking for more info we’d love to demo the platform for you and you can see all the technical details and understand how your business can best benefit from it.

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