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Our team of experts will move your WordPress site(s) from your existing host at no charge! Whether you have 1 or 1,000 websites, we provide unlimited free WordPress migrations with every package.

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Hassle-Free WordPress Migrations by Seasoned Experts

Our team has been managing WordPress since it’s release in the early 2000’s. We will handle your site with care and provide a preview of the migration on a temporary URL before any DNS changes are made. offers unlimited free WordPress migrations from any hosting provider.

Recently, we migrated to and brought all of our client sites over. We’ve done this a few times before and was painless, seamless, and quick. Customer support is the best we’ve ever seen.

Brian Dote

They got my sites quickly migrated onto their servers and saw an instant speed increase from the old host for half the price and no restrictive php worker limits. Support is world-class and all of the team are very helpful and knowledgeable.


Hands down the best experience with the support team! They migrated my site for free from Kinsta within minutes. Not only that but the speed is crazy fast!

Bryan Peterson

Moving our site from WPEngine improved our site speed from a “D” to EXCELLENT an “A”. I highly recommend They handled the migration for us! The customer support was amazing!

Ray Williams

The fastest woocommerce site migration I have ever experienced. From starting the chat until they migrated my site (including the NS propagation) takes only 30 minutes. Highly recommended!


Support 10/10,

Migration 10/10

Performance 10/10

Brand image awesome!

Rick de Groot
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Effortless Process

Nervous about change? Don’t be! Moving a site is much easier than you think. In fact, we guarantee that we can move your site 1:1 to it’s exact condition on your current host.

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Immediate Benefits

You will see an immediate improvement on performance and security on the platform. The best part? There are no configuration changes or plugins required!

Easy as 1-2-3

Get a test drive in a matter of minutes!

Reach out to us over live chat and you’ll see how easy the process is first hand. Simply provide us with access to your WordPress site and we’ll begin your migration immediately. All with a $1 trial and a 30-day money back guarantee. Get started today and see why our customers love us!

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It takes just a few minutes and we promise we do not spam you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Along with our $1 launch special for the first month, also offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases by default. If you would like to test drive our Platform before adding a payment method, contact us today and we’ll get you setup with a test-drive account.

Absolutely! Feel free to contact us via Live Chat, Email (, or Phone (877 374 0764) and we’ll be more than happy to find the right fit for your needs.

No! Every WordPress install comes with a free temporary Rocket URL so you can take our platform for a test drive before making any DNS changes. You will be able to see all of the Speed and Security benefits immediately!

Lets do this! Simply create your account on and contact our team of experts to request your Free WordPress Migrations.

Typically we can migrate a site with a WP-Admin login, but for larger sites we may need access to (S)FTP as well. Our team of experts will cover all of this with you upon submitting your migration request.

Yes! We offer unlimited FREE WordPress Migrations for all our customers from any hosting provider.

No, your site will remain online during the migration. We will move your site to our platform and provide you with a temporary Rocket URL to preview before going live. Once you are happy with everything and ready to go, your website will experience zero downtime through the DNS update process.

This all depends on the size of your site. Smaller sites are typically migrated in just a few minutes, while large websites with lots of uploads can take a few hours depending on the transfer rates.

Yes! In fact, we guarantee your site cannot get any faster than our platform. With the use of Enterprise Edge CDN and full-page caching, your site is cached as close as possible to your visitors instead of always being served from one location.

Ready for speed?

Once you’re ready for a test, we’ll be waiting on chat! Let us do a FREE test migration for you so you can see the difference yourself on a temporary URL, without updating any domain settings!