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Fatstacks is a leading online blog that offers a wealth of information and advice for anyone interested in building their own niche sites.


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Introducing Jon Dykstra from FatStacks

Jon owns several successful Web properties spanning several niches and has done so for over ten years. In addition to running multiple niche sites, he blogs about the business of blogging.

What is your business about?

At its core, it’s a Web publishing business incorporating ad revenue, lead generation and product sales.

From day one, when Rocket.net migrated all of my sites without any hassle to now, the customer service has been top-notch. Their customer support team has helped me with dozens of technical issues including bulk redirects, plugin conflicts, moving content in bulk, troubleshooting to name a few. Hosting with Rocket is like having a tech team on your side.

Why did you first think about switching hosting companies?

My previous hosting service wanted to dramatically increase my monthly fees for the same service. That prompted me to look for another service. I just wanted similar performance at a lower cost. What I ended up with Rocket was better performance at a far lower cost that I know won’t go up on renewal.

Benefits since switching to Rocket.net

Speed and support. I currently have over 20 websites hosted with Rocket. Some are fairly high-traffic sites that, thanks to Rocket, load extremely fast. Security is key with their built-in product features, and I’m able to rely on their tech support from the Rocket customer service team when I need it.

Any specific incidents where we were able to help you that went above and beyond

Without a doubt, Rocket’s customer service routinely goes above and beyond. They’ve helped me with many technical matters that way beyond the scope of a typical hosting service.


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