Why Rocket.net Has No Hidden Upsell Or Hosting Renewal Pricing Tricks. WordPress Hosting You Can Actually Trust

Why Rocket.net Has No Hidden Upsell Or Hosting Renewal Pricing Tricks. WordPress Hosting You Can Actually Trust
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You don’t need to look past Black Friday hosting deals being promoted (or any other time of the year for that matter) to know that hosting companies tend to offer big price discounts, but there is always a catch..

It doesn’t take very long to see angry comments on social media and various forum groups to know that customers have many pet peeves with their hosting services, and that starts with deceptive pricing techniques.

Tempted to switch hosting because of that ‘special’ pricing, what they don’t tell you is how your web hosting renewal pricing are going to skyrocket once you take the hook, or any of the hidden upsells that are going to significantly increase how much you’ll eventually spend.

Rocket.net Promise – No Hidden Upsells or Higher Annual Hosting Renewal Pricing

Rocket.net pricing never changes. We don’t add extra costs for features that should be free, either. Rocket offers transparent pricing that won’t go up in the future. 

That’s it. That’s the post, folks. Have a great day!

While running my Core Web Vitals agency before coming to Rocket, I was shocked how much many of my clients were paying for web hosting every month.

$300-$800 a month? For what?

They were paying extra for a long list of à la carte services like premium WordPress support for expedited front of the line service, and even bigger bucks for website performance boosts like Cloudflare Enterprise add-ons.. the list of questionable upsells went on for miles…

Although knowing Ben for quite some time already, I started as a Rocket.net affiliate myself and would try to convince all of my optimization clients that would listen to make the hosting switch to Rocket.

Yes I made a commission for that (fully disclosed when using my affiliate url), but in reality it helped me to get them passing Core Web Vitals with the best website performance possible and ended up saving everyone a ton of money. I still remember one client that did get considerable website traffic paying $700 a month for their hosting that eventually switched over to Rocket and was amazed that her website loaded immediately and saw dramatic speed increases while paying a fraction of what she was paying before.

She made the mistake of blindly trusting her web hosting company, while she had been drastically overpaying the whole time for subpar services.

What about the other things that should simply be included in your monthly pricing?

Another basic example is that Rocket gives away Redis for free in all of our Managed Hosting Packages. Why should you be charged for that?

Hosting companies shouldn’t be charging for every new feature they launch, they need to provide value and earn that trust. Rocket launches new hosting features on a regular basis and they are provided to all of our customers without having to raise our prices.

Why Do Hosting Companies Charge You For Website Migrations? Rocket Will Migrate Everything For Free

While we’re on the subject of free stuff, did you know that we will move your WordPress site(s) from your existing host at no charge? You’re thinking — ”Get out of here!” right? No, it’s true!

Other web hosting companies make the same statement, but did you read the ‘Restrictions Apply’ fine print disclaimer at the bottom of the page? 

We will move any/all of your WordPress sites from your current host to Rocket.net for free without special conditions attached.

Whether you have 1 or 1,000 – we provide unlimited free WordPress migrations with every hosting package.

Free is Fine, but What Else Do You Have for Me?

Hmm – a tough audience. You’re right. Everyone is offering something for free these days. Customer Satisfaction geared up into Customer Delight pretty quickly. Everyone is offering something for free. Free delivery is pretty much mandatory these days. Free cookies at check-in. Free upgrades. It’s like, these days we’re insulted if we have to pay for anything!

Free is a double-edged sword. Free can often mean something else is not great. Like, why are you giving me something for free? What’s your motivation? Hmm we start to get suspicious.

Rocket.net offers its customers a lot. In addition to the free stuff, we offer great service because we want our clients to be happy — even when the invoice arrives.

What are Your Pet Peeves with Your WordPress Web Hosting Company?

You might be considering a move away from your current website host. Hosting renewal or migration happens. Sometimes the service you have isn’t keeping pace with the growth of your business. 

So let’s get down and dirty. What do you wish were different with your current website hosting? We’ve been in the industry for a while. We weren’t always hosting our own websites. 

Before we founded Rocket.net, there was always something nagging at us. We had the feeling that none of the major players had it right. Customers were underserved, and websites weren’t performing where they needed to be. So we set out to make a difference in the web hosting industry as our primary mission.

That mission has been our obsession, you can read Rocket.net Trustpilot reviews and see what our customers think of us too.

Top WordPress Website Hosting Problems – Did We Miss Any?

  • Slow loading speed
  • Recurring downtime
  • Poor user experience
  • Lack of security
  • Slow or unresponsive customer support
  • Lack of flexibility in hosting plans
  • Poor price for value or hidden fees

Website Hosting Problem: Slow Loading Speed

The number one pet peeve has got to be web hosting server speed, right? This usually manifests itself in high loading times and slow page loading. The contents of your website are only displayed with high delays. Who needs that?

A slow website isn’t just bad for SEO. It’s particularly annoying for online shops. A slow website here contributes to a poor user experience for the visitor and lost sales. It is not uncommon for potential customers to leave the website as quickly as they arrived! If you have an online store then a slow website means you could be losing money.

Rocket.net isn’t just fast- we’re the fastest!

Contact us about enhancing your website speed with pre-configured, enterprise-level optimizations that instantly improve SEO scores and eliminate costly plugins. 

Thanks to our fine-tuned Enterprise CDN, we make sure all your website visitors from around the world get an equally awesome, lightning-fast browsing experience. No configuration is required, no hidden costs.

Core Web Vitals Tip #1 – Nothing Beats Fast WordPress Hosting

Seen it hundreds of times before, you can’t fix slow hosting. Invest a few dollars in good WordPress hosting and it makes optimizing Core Web Vitals way easier. I won’t attack companies by name, but many of the best-known hosting companies out there are dreadfully slow. You always get what you pay for.


Website Hosting Problem: Recurring Downtime

Anyone who has experienced how their company is virtually incapable of functioning due to internet failure knows what business consequences downtime can have. 

Don’t underestimate this effect on your website just to save yourself a few dollars. Convert the theoretical downtime into hours or even days. An availability of 99% means that the website can theoretically be offline for almost 4 days! 

Just imagine how serious a four-day outage can be if you consider the sales generated in your online shop in the run-up to Christmas.

It’s not just the loss of sales either; the loss of trust that your customers have in you means they may just leave. Ensure your availability is at least 99.9%.

At Rocket.net, we only believe in providing the best. With the Cloudflare Edge servers, you are always on! With our always-on Enterprise CDN, our Platform delivers your WordPress website from 200+ locations around the globe. Our Enterprise CDN will also automatically optimize your content on the fly!

Website Hosting Problem: Poor User Experience

We don’t need to only talk about how bad hosting can impact your website in the front end. Everyone has a horror story. What about the backend UX for you, the hostee? Some hosts don’t seem to understand that hiding functionality isn’t a feature — it’s a bug.

You may be managing dozens of websites at once. Spending time in the hosting panel is time you can’t spend with your clients. That’s why we made our hosting UX better.

With Rocket.net you’re in full control. Forget the complicated dashboard: Rocket.net’s control panel is streamlined and accessible so your WordPress website can blast off with ease.

Website Hosting Problem: Lack of Security

The security of your website always depends partly on your web host. What should be standard by now is an SSL certificate, which can be ordered directly from your web host. An SSL certificate should NOT be an added cost “feature.” 

Other protection mechanisms should also be standard for good web hosting. These include, for example, defense against attacks in which your website is called up automatically by hundreds of computers at the same time in order to overload them in a targeted manner. 

Good web hosts recognize such attacks and block the repeated calls quite specifically. Like we do.

We offer maximum WordPress protection. Rocket.net’s Secure WordPress Hosting takes WordPress protection to the highest level with enterprise-level security solutions to keep your websites safe and always online.

Website Hosting Problem: Slow or Unresponsive Customer Support

Service and support from your provider can make a big difference to your business. Especially low-cost mass hosters rely on call centers with little trained staff for first-level support, i.e. the employees you first get on the phone when you have a problem. Although this lowers the costs, it often leads to frustration and longer solution paths on your side, especially in the case of real-time, “my online shop is down and I’m losing 1000 bucks a minute” hosting problems.

A good host already has trained technicians and specialists sitting in first-level support, who can often solve problems on the first call and if not, at least know to which specialist department they can forward the call. This saves you time-consuming poking in the dark. 

Don’t underestimate this issue, because if your business relies on your website, there are bound to be occasions when support is needed. The more flexible and experienced they can be, the better.

Rocket.net offers you an industry-leading team. At Rocket.net, www stands for World Wide WordPress. Created with over 17+ years of direct hosting and SaaS experience, powered by extremely talented individuals around the globe. Find out more about the people behind your hosting.

Website Hosting Problem: Disk Space / Web Space — Amount and Type of Memory

When it comes to storage space or web space, it’s supposedly simple, the more the better, right? But as you can probably guess, it’s sometimes not that simple, and it should be. 

When it comes to web hosting, it always depends on what you have in mind, and in fact it’s not that rare that less is more. Don’t pay rent on space you’re never going to use!

Our managed PRO package gives you 20GB of disc space and 100GB of bandwidth. You can get up to 2 TB of bandwidth with our Enterprise packages too. Find out more and get two months of free hosting with our annual plan!

Website Hosting Problem: Lack of Flexibility in Hosting Plans

How is your annual hosting fee looking? Are you paying for services that you aren’t using? Especially for small businesses, nonprofits, and schools, the cost of databases you aren’t using, disk space you will never fill, and software you’ve never heard of add up. Can you downsize?

On the other hand, maybe your business needs have grown, and you need more resources. Not every hosting provider is going to be as flexible as you are. Can your hosting provider deliver them? There are always providers that can.

Whether you host a single website, multiple sites, Agency, Reseller are looking for a powerful Enterprise WordPress solution, we’ll have something to help your website take off!  If you don’t find a plan to suit your needs, you can contact us and we will find a plan to suit you.

(We offer WooCommerce hosting for your online store, too)

Website Hosting Problem: Poor Value for the Price

Many web hosts can only realize cheap prices because numerous customers are on one server at the same time and share the hard disk with each other. Always be aware that a cheap hosting price is almost always associated with limitations in availability.

Some web hosts also advertise a price that in reality is much lower than you may in the end pay. The price may also be stripped of all the cool stuff, coming as “extra monthly fees.”

It’s a lot like the $19 dollar monthly gym membership that, after fees, special exercise classes and towel services turns out to be $60 bucks a month. Not exactly as advertised..

You’ve Been Warned! Watch Out for Those Hidden Hosting Fees

Regardless of what you buy, price is going to have an impact. Don’t get fooled into a hosting package that seems too cheap to be true. Some hosting providers advertise low prices, but then hide a lot of extra fees in the contract. Hosting renewal fees. Domain renewal fees. You may be tied into renewal fees that are far too high.

So be wary of providers who off bargain-basement prices for domains and hosting.

Check the Fine Print

Some businesses rely on the fact that few of us read the fine print. Check all the terms of service for any conditions, obligations, or fees you don’t fully understand or agree with. Pay extra attention to renewal pricing. Only purchase what you need and want.

Know What Shouldn’t Cost Anything

If you are registering domains, make sure the WHOIS records can be changed as needed at no additional cost. They should also not charge you for redirecting or transferring your website to another domain or hosting provider.

Buy What You Need but Be Savvy

Some businesses will try and sell you what you don’t need. Get a second opinion. Shop around. Understand what you need today, and also tomorrow. You may only need one database today, but the price of five may be as cheap as one. Look into the individual costs of extra databases and domains. 

You also don’t need to pay your hosting providers for marketing services, or add-ons like analytics and SEO when there are free plugins and services available to connect directly with your website.

Look for a Helpful and Transparent Provider

A website host is like any other business. They need to make money. Just like any other business they also need to keep their customer happy. One unhappy customer can break a business. Ask for recommendations. See the client list if available. Ask hard “What if” questions. A good provider will appreciate your smarts and curiosity just as much as you will their transparency and honesty.

At Rocket.net, our pricing never changes. We add no extra costs for features that should be free. Rocket offers transparent pricing that won’t go up in the future.

Our basic hosting package costs less than two weeks of cappuccinos and includes Free CDN, Free SSL, and Free WAF. Check out all our plans right here.

Talk Is Cheap. Let Rocket Show You What The Fastest WordPress Hosting REALLY Means!

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