No AI Bots Here: Why Agencies Need WordPress Hosting With 24/7 Human Support

No AI Bots Here: Why Agencies Need WordPress Hosting With 24/7 Human Support
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Your agency is growing and the list of high-profile clients is growing. Congrats. You’re hiring more people to build your sites, design the graphics, write the content, and manage the projects. At the same time, the cost is adding up. The last thing you want to do is pay for WordPress support that works banker’s hours. So why do it when you don’t have to.

Your hard-earned agency dollars should be spent with a WordPress hosting company that earns it. And keeps earning it – with actionable data, fast speeds, and 24/7 human-based support. 

Why 24/7 Human Support Is More Important Now Than Ever Before

There are many situations where we gladly accept a human-less experience. Self-checkout at the grocery store is great – well, until you buy a pinot grigio to go with your fish dinner. Saying one over and over on the phone to get to the right phone tree is great until it loops you back to the front.

When a website is having problems, there is no time – or frankly patience – to deal with assistive tech or AI. You want to talk to a person, like now.

“If you manage (a) WordPress website(s), look no further. This is the best, fastest and most professional hosting company in the universe. Support is immediate and qualified; a professional agent is always one click away and ready to help.”


When you haven’t been on the other side of a major problem, it’s hard to see why 24/7 support is a huge selling point. Do you really need a human? Aren’t the docs good enough? Fame can be an issue when you get too much traffic. Now, you get it. You really get it.

Your top customer’s site is down and the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag is breaking their site. Everyone wants that laser vacuum. You’re on the robo-chat with a customer support agent who’s no longer invested in helping after giving your agency a killer deal ten years ago, but this just isn’t cutting it anymore. You need the website up like yesterday. This is when you need 24/7 support – with a human, not a robot.

24/7 Support Keeps Your Team Relevant

When everyone works on the support desk, then everyone on the team understands the customers. The CEO gets that agencies often sign up for one site plans to test first, the CTO understands that the agency owner is looking for the documentation, and the Director of Marketing knows what content is missing on the website. In short, 24/7 website support keeps each member of the team relevant to the business as a whole.

“The customer support is amazing. Any time I have any question or request, one of their customer support guys will answer it within 30 seconds max!

The process of swapping over to their hosting was super easy and quick, and now my TTFB times have reduced by 80%. Could not recommend any more!”


This is a huge selling point for WordPress agencies. Why? Trust. Agencies know you’ll have their back when they see less photos of the CEO on Twitter and more messages answered by them in Slack.

Having an all hands on deck policy with support keeps the team humble, involved, and is appealing to customers. Everyone loves to have access. Yes, even our CEO is on support. Why? Because he actually cares about the success of your business. We see ourselves as a partner with your agency because we understand that uptime is the only metric that matters. Uptime = revenue.

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You Don’t Have Time To Not Have 24/7 Support 

You’re an agency owner. Do you have time to troubleshoot why your customer’s site is throwing 500 errors? Do you make the time to miss your daughter’s soccer game because your commodity hosting is busy googling answers? Do you want to lose customers because you can’t get a hold of someone?

We’re thinking the answer is no. We’re thinking that you not having to think about why you need 24/7 support is precisely why you need 24/7 support.

“Gave Rocket a chance and have not been let down! The team has helped me work through different site configurations that I couldn’t have accomplished without their help. Other companies consider you “another account”…. Rocket considers you part of the family! Worth every. single. penny!”

Nick Tyson

Agency WordPress Hosting with Stellar 24/7 Support

White-glove service is yours – because hosting isn’t just about tech; it’s about excellent, customer service. Regardless of the plan you choose, we got you. And don’t just take our word for it, read our stellar reviews on TrustPilot.

Streamline your agency workflow by choosing a reliable, performant platform for websites of all sizes. The only question is when you’d like to get going.

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