Real-time Scanning & Patching

Keep your WordPress Protected from Malware.

With our real-time scanning and patching, your WordPress is always protected from infection.

How it Works



Powered by Imunify360, every WordPress install on our platform benefits from real-time malware scanning and patching. Our Proactive Defense intercepts all activity in real time, analyzes the behavior of PHP scripts, and stops any known or unknown malicious codes from being executed… all with zero performance impacts!

Real-time Protection that's always learning

Our platform will scan every request to your WordPress website in real-time to ensure it’s always protected from any type of malicious code. This includes HTTP requests and even FTP uploads.

To keep our detection up to date, we are constantly collecting and analyzing a massive amount of information about new attacks on a global scale.


Automated Patching

Have an existing site you’re moving over that’s been infected? No problem! Our platform will automatically clean your site of any malware and/or malicious code upon migrating. Did we also mention it’s Free and included on every WordPress install?

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Let’s talk Malware

Malware is a major cyberthreat that can significantly damage your website or business. The most common types of malware inject spam content, deface your website, maliciously redirect your visitors to download viruses, and even steal credit card data.

Simply deploy your WordPress on and you’re protected 24/7/365. Our malware scanner is always on the hunt and will keep everything out with no configuration required.

No problem! Our team can migrate your site to our platform and as it’s migrated over it will be cleaned and patched… free of charge.

Ready to protect your WordPress sites?

It’s as simple as 1-2-3! No we mean it, every WordPress site created on our platform instantly benefits from our WordPress Website Firewall… No configuration required!

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