WordPress Activity Logging

Keep Complete Records Of Every Action Within Your Site

Keeping track of changes and troubleshooting WordPress has never been easier with our free WordPress activity log plugin.

Dump Expensive Activity Logging Plugins That Slow Down Your Site!

How The Rocket.net WordPress Activity Log Works

With the click of a button in our control panel you can easily enable activity logging at any time, at no additional cost. The best part? All of the logs are stored securely back on Rocket.net and not inside of your WordPress database!

Record Everything

Track every action. A great tool for agencies too!

With WordPress activity logging enabled on your site, you are always in the know when it comes to all WordPress changes. We support tracking of all activities across your WordPress website.

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Stay on top of user activity with logging for creating, deleting, updating, and even logging in!

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Site broken? Was it a plugin update? Now you’ll know within seconds of logging in to Rocket.net.

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Who changed that color? Who changed the font? There’s an activity log for that!

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Logging for all WordPress core updates, settings, and much more.

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Stay on top of WooCommerce activity with WooCommerce specific activity logging.

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Posts, Pages, & Products

Complete logging for post/page creation, deleting, and updating.

Easy Access

Readily Available Right Inside Of Your Control Panel

Need to check the logs? No problem. Your logs are always available directly within the Rocket.net control panel, leaving your WordPress as clean and lightweight as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! Our plugin is extremely lightweight and simply sends events back to the Rocket.net platform via our API.

No! Unlike other activity loggers that you have to usually pay for, Rocket.net includes our Activity Logging plugin for free!

No, our Activity Logging is not enabled by default as not all users may want it. It can be enabled and disabled at any-time with a simple click in the control panel.

Ready for speed?

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