Web Application Firewall

The Safest way to deliver WordPress.

With our always-on WordPress Website Firewall, your WordPress is always protected from Hackers. Spend more time managing and building your Website content and less time worrying about the safety and security of it.

How it Works


Every WordPress install on our Platform receives not one, but two firewalls. The first one lives out at the Edge and is Powered by Cloudflare Enterprise. Every request to your WordPress site is scanned by this Firewall first, then if deemed safe, sent to our servers. The second, is powered by Imunify360 and lives on all Rocket.net servers. This provides additional protection from brute force attacks, 0-day exploits, and much more.

Pre-configured for Maximum WordPress Protection

Everything is already configured and ready to go. Once your site is pointing to the Rocket.net Platform, your WordPress site is automatically protected from the most common (and not so common) threats.

SQL Injection

Prevent SQL injection from infecting your database with harmful code.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Block attackers from executing malicious scripts while visitors are browsing your site.

Malicious File Upload

PHP Shell, Malware, and all of those nasty scripts will be immediately blocked.

Directory Traversal

Have hidden files and folders for config files? We’ll never allow them to be seen or crawled.

Local File Inclusion

Unauthorized access to your code or other sensitive data is immediately blocked.

Comment Spam

90%+ reduction in comment spam with our firewall, no plugin required.

Every WordPress install can check the box for compliance

Today, website compliance is more important than ever… especially when it comes to processing payments online.

If your website processes or stores sensitive information (credit cards, PII etc.), it’s extremely important that you meet the necessary security requirements, and standards such as the PCI.

The very first requirement for PCI: “Install and Maintain a Firewall Configuration to Protect Cardholder Data”. With our Platform, this requirement is met with our WordPress Website Firewall with no configuration or plugins required.

Rocket.net WAF powered by Cloudflare Enterprise

Powerful Reporting

Stay up to date on security events with our integrated Real-time WordPress Website Firewall Reporting. With just a few clicks in our control panel, you can get a real-time view into exactly what’s happening with your security.

You can find information on prevented attacks, and even get detailed info related to each attack blocked.


Let’s talk Security.

Yes! Bots are constantly scanning the internet looking for new domain registrations in hopes that security is ignored in the beginning.

Yes! Not to worry, our Website Firewall is finely tuned and optimized for WordPress and especially WooCoomerce.

We promise! We built Rocket.net with a security first approach and will always provide our customers with everything they need to stay safe.

That’s one of the best parts – we handle everything for you. The second you create a WordPress install on Rocket.net, you’re protected by our WordPress Website Firewall.

Yes, our WordPress Website Firewall is compatible with all major WordPress plugins.

As we are a Cloudflare Enterprise partner, all our customers get the highest level Enterprise Web Application Firewall (WAF) from Cloudflare.

Ready to protect your WordPress sites?

It’s as simple as 1-2-3! No we mean it, every WordPress site created on our platform instantly benefits from our WordPress Website Firewall… No configuration required!

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