Automatic WordPress Updates

Never miss a WordPress Update again.

Our platform will automatically keep your WordPress Core, Plugins, and Themes up to date

Automatically update WordPress core

From bug patches, to new features to help make managing your site easier, having your WordPress core up to date is important.

With’s Automatic WordPress Updates we have these updates enabled by default and any-time WordPress makes a release not to be considered major, we will automatically update your install for you. Panel

Automated Plugin & Theme Updates

Keeping your Plugins and Themes updated is just as important as keeping WordPress core up to date. However, it can be a bit trickier when it comes to breaking changes released by the Authors.

With’s Automatic WordPress Updates, we provide you the ability to turn on automated plugin and theme updates directly within our Control Panel to ensure these updates are always applied.

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Let’s talk Automatic WordPress Updates

Yes! It’s extremely important to keep your WordPress up to date as best as possible.

Not to worry, we have daily backups with a 14 day retention available to restore from at anytime.

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