Top 8 Strategies For WordPress Agencies to Increase Revenue and Profitability

Top 8 Strategies: Increase Agency Revenue and Profitability
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Working on your resolutions for 2024? We’ve got you covered. As the year comes to an end, we’ve put together 8 tips for WordPress agencies like yours. Drawn from our most-visited posts, our tips provide practical guidance for acquiring clients, keeping customers satisfied, and improving efficiency.

No matter if you’re an experienced agency or the new kid on the block, the digital world is competitive. So, work smarter, not harder. 

Take our advice — it’s right here, and it’s free!

    1. Increase Agency Revenue By Reselling WordPress Hosting

    Right out of the gate: increase revenue without increasing your billable hours by reselling WordPress hosting! Reseller hosting can be a profitable venture. You can offer this value-added service by buying server space cheaply and then selling it to clients at higher prices. Let clients personalize their hosting too with a white-label approach. Don’t forget to include hosting in your web development packages. Pricing psychology is important if you want to attract good clients – and retain profitable ones.

    “You don’t have to do everything yourself, you can outsource portions through partnerships, and then integrate those upsells as part of your agency’s care plan. This makes your agency a one-stop shop. That’s the marketing play.”

    2. Increase Agency Revenue By Selling Agency Care Plans

    Boost the value of your WordPress agency by bundling your website with carefully-designed care plans. One and done doesn’t increase your revenue – just billable hours and headaches. These plans include technical support, updates, backups, and client training. Once you do that you can add a wide range of services, like copywriting, SEO, and pay-per-click campaigns. 

    Start talking about care plans early on, especially in the initial phases of website builds. Introduce care plans to your existing clients, and gradually add them to your lead-generation tactics. Additionally, pitch your care plans when it comes time to renew any existing contracts. This gradual approach has the potential to significantly bump up your revenue.

    “When you run through your recommendations in the sales meeting, make sure you have the care plan as part of the recommended solution.”
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    3. Increase Agency Revenue by Finding a Profitable Niche

    You can’t increase revenue without scaling and you can’t do that without choosing a profitable niche. It really is that simple.  WordPress itself transformed from a niche product to powering almost 50% of the internet. When your agency looks for new ways to help clients and find specialized products, you not only make more money but also reach more people.

    It’s important to identify unique niches too. For example, creating eCommerce websites for nonprofits that build public parks. Anyone can build a nonprofit site, but you’d be the expert at helping these quasi-governmental agencies (NGOs) with accessible sites that raise awareness and produce advocates. Are you a new agency looking to position yourself in a distinctive segment? Consider exploring the micro-niche markets, such as eco-friendly pet products, for more growth opportunities.

    “People expect very personalized experiences. They want to be catered to by specialists. This makes true niche marketing more of a challenge, but the rewards are worth the hard work.”

    4. Increase Agency Revenue By Partnering With a Performant Website Host

    Website hosting stands as an indispensable asset for any web agency. The perpetual push and pull between servers and clients is resolved if you have fast, managed agency hosting. You’ll benefit from efficient back-end operations simply enough by having more time to give clients your full attention. The key to success lies in selecting the right hosting partner. Choosing managed WordPress hosting with a reliable partner improves efficiency and contributes to your overall success. Isn’t that worth the extra cost?

    “Clients might not share your backend passion, but they will appreciate the fact that you’re able to spend more time with them solving problems that are important to them. You can only do that if you aren’t in the server room.”

    5. Increase Agency Revenue By Reducing Churn

    To succeed in the ever-changing WordPress industry, your agency must address customer turnover. The best offense is a good defense. Understanding your agency’s churn rate is the first step towards changing your strategy from surviving into thriving! Start by using these four strategies to prevent customers from leaving your agency:

    • make communication simpler
    • get commitments first
    • make maintenance plans
    • explore reseller hosting

    “It’s significantly more difficult to gain a new customer over retaining and reengaging a current one. Offering service plans, reaching out annually to check on website improvement needs, and asking for referrals are important customer retention tactics.”

    6. Increase Agency Revenue By Being Social!

    If you want to succeed, your agency must be socially adept. Social media transcends mere posts; it’s about forging meaningful relationships. As we move into the new year, remember to prioritize being social in 2024. Set social media marketing goals, plan your content strategically, network with industry leaders, use influencers (which include your clients and staff), optimize your CTAs, be present, and use advertising wisely. 

    As a bonus tip, unlock the lead generation potential of social media by fostering social selling, too!

    “Social media can be a powerful tool for your agency – yes, even X! You want to reach new clients, build brand awareness, and drive sales, right? Social media is like having access to all the parties at once – without leaving the office.”

    7. Increase Agency Revenue By Attending Conferences

    Real-life networking goes beyond rubbing elbows on LinkedIn. It’s about creating true connections that virtual platforms can’t copy. You can stay relevant and informed at the next conference while gaining valuable insights. And the merch isn’t all that bad either, right? The most important part is the innovation that comes from connecting ideas. This leads to creative solutions and unexpected collaborations. Who knows? It might get expensive to attend, but it may also unexpectedly change the direction of your agency by making conference visits an essential part of your growth strategy as well.

    “Chance favors the connected mind, but networking isn’t the same as team building. You have to get out of your own Team’s Slack every once in a while; otherwise, you end up being in an echo chamber.”

    8. Increase Agency Revenue by Streamlining Accounting

    Selecting the right tools is pivotal for agency success. As your agency celebrates its one-year milestone, prioritize top accounting solutions. How can you increase your revenue if you don’t know your top-selling product, niche, or customer?

    Going into the new year, QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Xero, Gusto, and Zoho Invoicing stand out above the crowd. Why?  Because you need a guarantee of seamless financial management. So here’s to a year of achievements, growth, and financial resilience!

    “Got sales? Paying bills? If your agency doesn’t have standard accounting records, you don’t have a business. Freaked out? Don’t be. You can move from Excel and your Personal PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp accounts quickly enough.”

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