10 Reasons Why Niche Marketing Can Scale Your Agency

10 Reasons Why Niche Marketing Can Scale Your Agency
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Positioning yourself in a niche used to be just that – niche. Think Mr. Big and Tall stores, Tamagotchi babysitters, or vegetarian restaurants in the 1950s. Today, “niche” is mainstream. You have to search for a regular cup of coffee now. In fact, a cup of joe and a plain donut have become niche!

niche /niːʃ,nɪtʃ/

  1. a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.
  2. a specialized market segment for a particular kind of product or service.

What is Niche Marketing?

Niche marketing is the boujie term for segment marketing. It’s a strategy focusing on a specific, narrowly defined target market instead of reaching a broad, general audience. Think Puffer Fish sushi or chocolate-covered grasshoppers.

There’s good reason why many successful agencies hosted on Rocket have picked their own niche, they understand their customers and serve them very well.

The goal of offering a niche product is to reach a smaller group of consumers with a particular need not being met by larger, more mainstream companies.

Today’s consumers expect very personalized and delightful experiences catered for by specialists, as a matter of fact. This makes true niche marketing more of a challenge, but the rewards are worth the hard work. As our definition says, if you can find a profitable niche, you will be very comfortable.

“Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky is famous for saying, ‘Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like.’ Put simply; it’s better to reach a small group of people who sing praises about your company rather than a large group who thinks it’s just okay.”


WordPress was Once a Niche Product. Now it Powers the Web.

WordPress was originally a blogging software. Today the White House website uses WordPress, along with well over 40% of the websites on the net.

So, we’re a great example of niche positioning. Ten years ago, website hosting platforms hosted everything you needed. Today, WordPress hosting fills that niche of people who want specialized services for their niche – WordPress websites and only WordPress websites.

Focusing on a niche can be a really effective way for agencies like yours to differentiate themselves from competitors and build a loyal customer base. Find a product no one else focuses on or a target group on which no one is spending enough time. There’s your niche.

“Are you just starting out? Instead of thinking of others in your niche as competitors, think of them as potential partners. Don’t be afraid to reach out, leave comments on their blog posts and social media platforms, and share their content.”


How Do I Find the Right Niche for My Agency?

Square, Hopster, Whole Foods, Bonobos, Lefty’s San Francisco, and many more successful companies started out as niche ideas.

Ask yourself, what do people want? How do they want it? How much are they willing to spend on it? Be careful, however; like Henry Ford famously said, if he had asked people what they wanted, they wouldn’t have said a car; they would have said they wanted a faster horse.

Look at the problem people are looking to solve, then ask yourself basically the same questions: 

What is it you do well? What is it you want to do? What is it that we can get paid to do? 

That sweet spot is your niche if you can overlay what people want with what you want.

Think big too. If your agency services event bookings, you may meet another agency servicing real estate. You might encounter yet another agency servicing caterers, leveraging additional services related to your idea. Partnering with other businesses in your niche can expand your reach and scale your business.

“When starting up, it makes sense to identify a niche market. This can be based on several factors, such as opportunity, understanding of the segment, passion, and more.”


What are the Benefits of Picking a Niche?

Focus: You can focus on the specific problem you are solving.

Time: Capacity is freed up. Not only your time but other resources are freed up when you specialize. You will become more cost-efficient too.

Success: There is a clear path ahead. You achieve success faster because growing up in a small niche is easier.

Expertise: You are the expert. You can become an expert in your field more easily if you focus on providing specific services.

Customer Service: As you offer a specialized service or product, you can deliver better customer service.

Competition: There is reduced competition. By focusing on a niche market, you can differentiate yourself from larger, more mainstream competitors. You clearly stand out from your competitors.

Loyalty: Brand loyalty. Consumers in a niche market are often highly passionate about the products or services and are more likely to become long-term customers.

Clarity: There is a clear message. From a marketing point of view, it is much easier for you to promote your offer.

Mentorship: You can improve your and your agency’s skills and share them with others by focusing on a niche.

Money: You can charge a premium price. By specializing in a particular area and becoming an expert in that niche, you can often charge premium prices for your products or services.

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What are Some Niches for WordPress Agencies?

Your best customer is someone who isn’t getting what they want where they are. Don’t ask yourself how to do something better, cheaper, or faster. Ask yourself who isn’t served or what isn’t offered, it’s why niche marketing is so important.

Want to think out of the box? Focus on websites that serves a specific need, offer social media services for out-of-state doctors and dentists, or even tackle SEO for local start-ups.

A WordPress agency specializing in creating eCommerce websites for nonprofits could be in high demand.

An agency specializing in creating GDPR-compliant, HIPPA-compliant medical tourism websites could have their work cut out for them – and lines!

Also, many people want to connect all the dots when they travel. An agency specializing in creating a website connecting pet hotels with travel booking services could be intriguing.

These are just a few examples. There are many other potential niches for your agency out there.

“Success comes down to choosing a niche and understanding your audience. If you do well and generate leads for a solo practitioner, a mid-size firm may take a chance on you. Perhaps a larger agency will work with you if you do well for them. It’s building relationship equity, and it allows you to move up the ladder incrementally.”


Building a Niche Within a Niche: Pampering Pet Owners

Imagine you take our pet hotel idea and run with it. You’re not going to be the only pet-focused business. There are tens of thousands of products and services for dogs alone out there. The market isn’t saturated; it’s super-saturated.

Pets can’t speak for themselves. Pet owners decide what pets want. People buy matching sweaters, give their dogs human names, and treat them like children. Over time, people and their dogs are even beginning to look alike. It’s all zanily anthropomorphic. So, if breeds of dogs aren’t niche enough, then what about breeds of owners?

We’re all becoming more eco-conscious lately and passing on our mindfulness to our pets. Are climate-friendly, sustainable dog foods and grooming products niche enough for you? Great! Then offer them as an add-on with every room booked at your pet hotel. Introducing the micro-niche. Affiliate marketers, ahoy!

“By 2027, the pet supply market is expected to be worth more than three hundred billion dollars – three times what it is today. Your pet business is set to grow along with the market if you are in tune with the needs and intentions of your customers.”

Andrews Wharton

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