Optimizing Your WooCommerce Button Color for Conversions!

Optimizing Your WooCommerce Button Color for Conversions!
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Optimizing your WooCommerce Store for conversion means understanding how color influences users when it comes to taking action. Sadly, it’s not as simple as spinning up a WordPress install and adding WooCommerce (the plugin name remains the same even though it rebranded to Woo). You must think beyond the defaults when you choose your theme and accessible color palette.

“Visual hierarchy matters. So does making your CTA buttons stand out with a high-contrast color.”


You want sales. Make it easy for your customers to see what you’re selling,  why they need it, and how to purchase it. You know your store so well, it’s hard to be objective. So, do some testing. Ask friends to look at your store. Give them a 100% off coupon so they can test out the purchasing process.

Confused visitors lead to abandoned carts. No one wants that. 

Why Does Color Matter in eCommerce?

If you want people to trust your eCommerce store enough to enter their credit card details, you’d better pay attention to overall visual design. This also includes color. According to a highly-cited 2002 study by Stanford, the design look of a website determines the site’s credibility by 46% of respondents. So basically half of the people instantly decide to trust your website based on how it looks. Yes, they judge a book by the cover.

“This reliance on a site’s overall visual appeal to gauge its credibility occurred more often with some categories of sites than others. Consumer credibility-related comments about visual design issues occurred with more frequency with finance (54.6%), search engines (52.6%), travel (50.5%), and e-commerce sites (46.2%), and with less frequency when assessing health (41.8%), news (39.6%), and nonprofit (39.4%) sites.”

B.J. Fogg, Ph.D., et al

Actionable Tip: Map out what you want your store to look like – not just in a black & white wireframe, but how you want the users’ eyes to move down the page to the buy now button. Think of it the same way as how you decorate a bookcase. Allow the eyes to move from one shelf to another.

What is the Best Buy Now Button Color?

The best buy now button color for your WooCommerce store is one that is accessible and visually different in your theme’s visual hierarchy. What does that mean? It means that if your site is predominantly blue, then blue as an action color will not stand out. This can be problematic with default settings for some themes. Many, like Neve, for example, do not distinguish between a primary color – your brand’s logo color maybe, and an action color. 

Button colors have a lot of controversy and most of it is because of poor A/B testing, UX changes, and trends. 

Actionable Tip: Add an accessible, distinct button style for your WooCommerce store. You can use a plugin or additional CSS to change the defaults.

We are digging orange and green as the best WooCommerce button colors. With black (#000000) text (presuming your font is accessible,) try one of these versions of orange and green:

  • #f57600 – 7.47:1 contrast
  • #89ce00 – 10.81:1 contrast
  • #fcc9b5 – 14.6:1 contrast
  • #cfebb6 – 16.21:1 contrast
WooCommerce Button Color ideas to improve conversions

What’s the Best Buy Now Button Text?

The best buy now button text is subjective. Meaning, if your call to action (CTA) or button text is asking the user to buy a wallet, you can say “Buy Now.” Though some people don’t like that language, it’s infinitely better than “add to cart.”

Courtney Chall believes in making the button text personal to the user. In other words, use the first person. “Enroll Me” instead of “Enroll now.” “Get My Cup” instead of “Buy Now.” But that level of personalization may not scale for your store.

This topic alone could be a whole other blog post. Which gives us an idea. But anyway, you get the point. If you’re only selling hats, then “Get My Hat” is scalable. If you’re selling apparel, you wouldn’t want “Get My Shirt” to show up for a pair of kicks.

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