Introducing: Site Labels for WordPress

by Ben Gabler on

view site label - Introducing: Site Labels for WordPress -

After announcing some exciting new features and locations the past week, we’re keeping things going with a much needed organization feature.

First, let’s recap on some of the recent releases in case you missed them:

Managed WordPress Reseller Hosting
We’ve changed the way Agencies and Creatives provide hosting to their clients with a full white-labeled experience, from the CNAME to the Control Panel.

File Manager and Cache Management Improvements
We recently released our #1 requested feature, the File Manager, making it easier than ever to manage your files directly from our control panel.

Singapore Location Is Now Available
After much demand, we recently launched a new WordPress Install location, Singapore.

Site Labels

When working on new site’s it can be tough to keep track of which is which with our generated Rocket URL’s. Now, in order to easily differentiate between sites before you assign a domain to them you can simply assign a label. Site Labels

Site Label’s are also shown directly on View Site with the ability to edit at any time.

view site label - Introducing: Site Labels for WordPress -

Start using labels today! Login to your account, click Sites, and simply click Add label.

Have a feature request?

Login to your account today and file it under the Feature Requests section, we’d love to hear from you!

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