Singapore Location Is Now Available

Singapore Location Is Now Available’s footprint keeps growing, enabling even better performance for our customers.

While Cloudflare Enterprise serves a cached version of WordPress websites in 250+ locations around the world, it’s still important to have the right deployment footprint for WordPress itself.

Having a data center in Singapore will improve dynamic request routing for customers in that region, making it faster than ever to manage your site in WP-Admin and serve Ecommerce customers.

Oh, did we mention we’re also running our all-new NVMe configuration in Singapore? Ultimately making our Singapore location the fastest possible way to host your WordPress.

Here’s how to deploy your site in Singapore:

Simply navigate to your Control Panel, click on Create Site. On Step 1, you will see the option to choose the location for your site, here you can choose AS – Singapore.

Have an existing site you want moved to Singapore? No problem! Simply open a ticket and our team will be more than happy to move that for you.