File Manager and Cache Management Improvements

by Ben Gabler on

FIle Manager Intro min 1 - File Manager and Cache Management Improvements -

It’s been an exciting and busy week here at Not only did we announce our all-new Managed WordPress Reseller Hosting solution for Agencies and Creatives, but we have some killer updates for the Portal as well!

So let’s get this party started 🎉

File Manager

I’m happy to share that we’ve launched the highly anticipated File Manager! The file manager has been the #1 requested feature at and as promised, it’s here!

So let’s take a look:

Below you can see the initial landing page of the file manager. From here, you can manage all of a site’s files and folders with just a few clicks! File Manager

As seen in the above clip, we also have one heck of a file editing experience. Wether you’re looking to edit your themes functions file or modify an ads.txt file, we make it easy with our code editor:

WordPress File Manager Code Editor

The file manager is available to all sites on the platform. To access it, simply login to your account, click Manage on your site, and simply click the File Manager icon.

CDN Cache Management Improvements

We’ve released an all-new version of our CDN Cache MU Plugin, called CDN Cache Management. We’ve made some amazing improvements to the underlying functionality in the plugin and have paved the way for some upcoming feature development within the plugin.

We rewrote the entire plugin to be as efficient as possible when it comes to auto-purging the cache based on specific functions throughout WordPress. Along with the ability to auto purge your CDN cache as changes are made to your site, we also provide the ability to control the CDN Cache within the WP Admin UI:

image 3 - File Manager and Cache Management Improvements -

More to come!

Now that we’re rocking our new React Portal and Public API (lookout for another post on these), we’re able to move faster than ever! Features that used to take weeks, now take just days so we’re able to continuously deliver new features and updates.

Have a suggestion? Login to your account today and file it under the Feature Requests section, we’d love to hear from you!

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