Beyond Hosting: Top 5 User Experience Tips to Grow Your WordPress Website

Beyond Hosting: Top 5 User Experience Tips to Grow Your WordPress Website
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If you’ve heard of ergonomics, then you know that there’s nothing new about the idea of user experience. The ancient Greeks understood the connection of the concepts of “work” and “natural laws.” If you’ve tried to type on an old manual typewriter, you’ll quickly see why the IBM Selectric was such a hit. 

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) may be seen as topics for Digital Natives, but honestly, any tool that’s hard to use will give you an unpleasant experience. That’s why the two terms go so well together, but also why they are assumed to mean the same.

What is the difference between UI and UX?

UX, refers to the term “user experience,” while UI stands for “user interface.” Both terms are integral to the design of the tools we use.

Both terms refer to different aspects of the product development process. They represent independent sub-disciplines of design and have gained enormous importance in recent years.

User Experience: The Why?

User experience involves the complete user journey. It describes the all-encompassing whole, what is necessary to lead the user to his individual goals in dealing with an application, a tool, or an event.

User Interface: The How?

The user interface design is a sub-component within the user experience and a stage on the path of optimization. It is about the implementation of the elements. The focus of the field of work is the tool in question.

Basically, only the parallels in the names of UX and UI are responsible for the fact that both disciplines are often lumped together. However, anyone who takes a closer look at the exact content knows that there is much more to it than that.

In essence, UX is about the entire journey, while UI is about the things you touch while on that journey.

“Visitors aren’t impressed by all the bells and whistles. Focus on a great user experience. Produce quality content that engages your audience, and give them reasons to stick around on your site longer. A great user experience is what really scores points with people.”

Why is UX and UI Important for My Website?

User experience accompanies us every day and exerts a great influence on our decisions. It can also influence the success of our business. In online stores, for example, a good UX has a positive effect on the conversion rate. To enable the completion of a purchase requires a suitable, well-designed user interface. 

A good user interface can shape the most complex requirements into a framework that we can effortlessly use in our everyday lives. Various aspects are important here, depending on the area of application. Using the example of a website, the following aspects are particularly important:

Color and contrast are responsible in UI design for basic recognizability of elements.

White space ensures that the various elements of the website don’t overwhelm the user. It‘s also called “negative space” or “empty space”. 

Visual Hierarchy describes the arrangement of elements in terms of their importance and related to this their colors, sizes, and placements.

Complexity vs. simplicity is intended to indicate that less is often more. Often, attempts are made to attract extra attention through an overabundance of different visual design elements (shadows, blinking, animations, etc.). However, this approach often prevents the desired goal from being achieved.

UX is a crucial part of any WordPress site, and you need to consider improving it if you want your website and business to have a good reputation and convert your visitors into happy return customers.”


User Experience Tips: 5 Ways You Can Improve User Experience on Your Website

Are you asking yourself, “How can I develop a more user-friendly website?” or “What can I do to increase the usability of my website?” Well, we’re glad you asked! There are many ways, but here are the most important ones that come to mind.

Tip 1: Define a clear target group for your website.

People – and Google — are going to love your website if it’s tailored precisely to their needs. Find out what problems your customers are dealing with and who the target group of your company consists of.

Tip 2: Optimize your website for mobile devices.

It’s not 1999 anymore. Mobile devices accounted for more than half of the internet traffic already in October 2016. Google’s Mobile First Indexing is already four years old, too.

Tip 3: Optimize the loading time of your website.

Fast loading times influence the usability and ranking of your website — and thus your sales.

Google started talking about its Core Web Vitals in May 2020 and launched them in June 2021. That was last year. 

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Tip 4: Make your website easy to grasp.

If people don’t find what they are looking for on your website, they will leave. Don’t make people learn how to use your website. A good website has clear goals and clear target group orientation. It has interesting, varied, and up-to-date content that’s oriented to the target group.

Tip 5: Use your design as a guidance system.

The best possible guidance system is one that explains quickly and simply how to find one’s way around — whether that’s a website or a park. People should be able to intuitively move around your website, navigate and engage with its offer.

“Core Web Vitals are about more than just fast-loading websites – they are about websites that deliver. It all comes down to UX — having your websites load quickly so people can do what they need to.”

How can I Improve my UX in WordPress?

Keep it simple! That’s it. That’s the paragraph.

If you don’t want to take our advice, check out what WordPress says. Short and sweet:

  • Is the user experience focused on the user?
  • Is the user experience valuable?
  • Is this user experience easy to understand?

If you answer “no” to any of these three, then you should get some assistance in improving the UX of your website.

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