26 WordPress Digital Marketing Plugins Every Marketer Needs

26 WordPress Digital Marketing Plugins Every Marketer Needs
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As a digital marketer, you’ve got a lot on your plate. From growing traffic to nurturing leads to boosting conversion. Not to mention optimizing for search engines and marketing across multiple social platforms.

If you’ve been driving yourself nuts trying to manually do it all – stop!

Thankfully, there are hundreds of thousands of WordPress plugins to help you. In fact, the problem is not finding a plugin with the features you want. It’s identifying the BEST plugin from the thousands of options.

That’s why we’ve created this list of the top 26 WordPress Digital Marketing plugins that every marketer needs.

Whether it’s localization, scheduling content, managing engagement, or increasing performance – we’ve got something for everyone.

We’ve based our picks on user experience, features, and reputation to bring you only the best.

1. GTranslate


Localization is a key ingredient in a successful website that opens you up to a global audience. GTranslate uses the power of Google to translate your site to any of the 103 available languages. The plugin is SEO compatible, has over 300,000 downloads, and has an excellent 5-star rating.

2. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

Dead links can seriously impact the user experience and SEO of your site. However, finding and checking links can be a tedious chore. This plugin automatically scans your site and points you straight to any dead links. It even generates reports and you can set scheduled scans for regular checking.

3. SEMrush


SEMrush is one of the most popular full-service SEO platforms today. The SEO Writing Assistant makes it easy to use these tools on your WordPress website. The plugin rates readability, keywords, plagiarism, linking, and more of your post.

4. Sender – Newsletter, SMS and Email Marketing Automation for WooCommerce

Sender helps leverage your email lists to generate revenue

Sender is one of the most affordable email marketing tools that’s powerful for growing business and sales. This plugin helps you manage email and SMS marketing automation within one dashboard. It also has a great drag-and-drop email builder with plenty of premade newsletter templates, smart segmentation and personalization, high-converting popups, and much more! 

5. Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Schema - All In One Schema Rich Snippets

This plugin helps you generate Rich Snippets for your page’s search results in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook News Feed. These snippets can contain photos, text, star ratings, pricing, author, and other crucial information. With interactive and attractive snippets, this plugin will help you boost CTRs and search rankings.

6. Subscribers – Free Web Push Notifications

Subscribers - Free Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are an effective marketing channel to engage and update your visitors. With this plugin, you can ask users to opt-in to your push notifications. It’s compatible with Chrome and Firefox browsers with more browser support coming soon. It even comes with real-time reporting and tracking so you can see how your notifications are performing.

7. YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

YARPP - Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Showing your readers related posts is a great way to get more eyes on your content and improve bounce rates. YARPP uses customizable algorithms to identify and share relevant posts. You can also choose many different templates and styles that suit your taste.

8. WordPress Robots.txt optimization

WordPress Robots.txt optimization

The Robots.txt file is the first thing search engines check when indexing your website. By optimizing your Robots.txt file, this plugin will help you rank highly on search engines. At the same time, it will help block most popular malicious bots from crawling and scraping your data.

9. Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar
Editorial Calendar

If you run a large publication, keeping track of your publishing schedule can be a headache. This plugin provides you with an interactive calendar to manage your publishing schedule. You can drag-and-drop items to reschedule them, view the status of articles, and use automatic publishing.

10. Hustle – WordPress PopUp

Hustle - WordPress PopUp

Hustle lets you create professionally designed opt-in forms and targeted marketing popups. The ultimate goal is to help you generate leads and build your mailing list. You can build Black Friday, giveaway, COVID notice, newsletter signup, and more. Hustle even provides smart popup triggers and eye-catching animations.

11. CallRail Phone Call Tracking

CallRail Phone Call Tracking

CallRail’s priority is to give users result-driven insights into their digital marketing efforts. This plugin gives you detailed information about the source and web session of every caller from your website. For example, you can see precisely what a user did before calling to identify where you’re marketing effectively.

12. Redirection


Missing pages and 404 errors will negatively impact the search engine rankings and user experience of your website. Redirection allows you to easily detect, manage, and solve these issues. It will pick up where you have 404 errors and allow you to create 301 redirects. This will ensure that you still get the full ranking juice from the redirected page.

13. Easy Social Sharing

Easy Social Sharing

We all know that social sharing is key to driving engagement, impressions, and exposure. This plugin enables you to easily add various social sharing buttons to your pages and posts. It also comes with added handy features like sharing count, layouts & designs, custom colors, and more.

14. WP Rocket

WP Rocket

Website performance is now vital, not just for user experience but as a ranking signal. WP Rocket allows you to speed up your pages without any coding. WP Rocket caches your pages on various servers so that they will load much quicker for visitors. It also uses compression and preloading to accelerate your pages further.

15. Sumo


Sumo is one of the world’s top email capture and marketing tools. Now, you can use this plugin to create email lists, increase conversions, and generate more sales on your WordPress website. It lets you create timed popups, schedule emails, abandoned cart recovery emails, and more. You can also track important data, such as your ROI from individual leads.

16. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is a Google initiative to create faster and better mobile pages for your website. This plugin enables you to generate AMP pages from your default WordPress website. It is compatible with popular plugins, such as Divi, Elementor, and many others. AMP also comes with great support and documentation.

17. JetFormBuilder


JetFormBuilder is a free and versatile WordPress plugin that allows you to create, edit and style basic contact us forms, but powerful enough to even build advanced booking forms. With this plugin, you can build the form from scratch or ready-to-use form patterns, style WordPress forms visually in Gutenberg, or any other page builder.

18. Disqus for WordPress

Disqus for WordPress

Disqus is a comment system you can use to increase reader engagement, grow your audience and traffic, and monetize content. It replaces your default WordPress commenting with a more modern and user-friendly alternative. Comments can be made via various accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

19. Fixed Widget

Fixed Widget

With this plugin, you can create sticky widgets that stay visible whether the page is scrolled up or down. This is great for important information, ads, notices, or lead capture elements. It’s a very popular marketing tool with over 100,000 users and a 4.5-star rating.

20. LiveChat


Live chat support on your website is a superb way to convert 50/50 sales and boost customer confidence. You can set up live chat support on your website within minutes by installing this plugin. This plugin even features chat initiation triggers and integrates with help ticketing systems.

21. MailChimp


MailChimp is the #1 most popular email marketing service in the world. This plugin makes it simple to integrate MailChimp with your lead capture forms. It seamlessly connects with your MailChimp account and integrates with various marketing plugins. It’s also developer-friendly and comes with an extensive knowledge base.

22. OptinMonster


With 1+ million users, OptinMonster is one of WordPress’ most popular popup builders and marketing plugins. Build email lists, increase sales, and grow your business through its advanced, yet easy-to-use, popup builder. You can use smart targeting and individual personalization to effectively convert visitors.

23. Akismet


Spam is a persistent issue that can ruin the commenting experience on your website. Akismet automatically checks and approves your comments against their global spam database. This will help keep your comments clean and improve user engagement. You can also set your own filtering, moderation, and discard rules.

24. Google XML SiteMaps

Google XML SiteMaps

A proper sitemap lays the foundation for search engines to crawl your website. This plugin generates special SiteMaps optimized for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask.com, etc. It will help you get found by search engines and improve your rankings. With over 2 million users and a 5-star rating, you can’t go wrong.

25. Jetpack


Jetpack is the ultimate multi-tool to build and run a better WordPress website. It helps you manage and optimize various aspects of your site. This includes security, performance, backups, design, and marketing. It’s a must-have general-purpose tool for any type of WordPress website.

26. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is perhaps the most widely used WordPress SEO plugin, and with good reason. It’s an all-in-one solution to help improve your technical, on-page, and content-focused SEO. For example, Yoast SEO can automatically optimize canonical URLs and meta tags as well as generate an XML Sitemap. You can also use it to improve your content writing with an SEO and readability scanner as well as a SERP preview.

The Wrap-up: 26 WordPress Digital Marketing Plugins That You Can Use

As you can see, times are good if you’re a digital marketer. You’re spoilt for choice with a huge variety of highly-rated marketing tools for WordPress. It’s important that you weigh all your options to find the best plugins for your needs.

For any serious WordPress website, you’ll most likely need multiple plugins from this list. However, many will have overlapping features and capabilities. You should carefully compare their features and user experience to see which suits you best.

Also, pay special attention to integrations with other plugins so that everything works together smoothly.

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