Top Winning WooCommerce Email Marketing Plays

Top Winning WooCommerce Email Marketing Plays
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So you’re managing your clients’ eCommerce site. Why aren’t you also managing their WooCommerce Email Marketing Campaigns?

We know, we know. That’s just for marketers, right? Well no. WooCommerce email marketing requires extensive thought and planning to choose the right stack. A drop-ship company has different tech specs than a print-on-demand business. Why? Well, shipping for one thing. Local taxes for another. 

Need to calculate shipping rates? There’s an API for that. Need to track inventory? How about subscription options? You don’t just make candles in your basement and start an eCommerce business that scales. Leave that to the Etsy marketing ads.

But WooCommerce doesn’t do email marketing natively. Sure you can use Mailchimp to do WooCommerce email marketing, but that’s not the only game in town. Pick your poison: HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Groundhogg, Salesforce, ConstantContact — the plays are the same. 

Lets cover a few winning plays that are easy to implement in cooperation with the marketing team instead of in competition with them. This doesn’t include cart abandonment strategies either. Those are transactional emails.

“A plugin like CartFlows will allow you to automatically set the follow-up email sequence. Depending upon your brand guidelines, you can go goofy or serious.”

Winning WooCommerce Email Marketing Play 1 – Go Beyond the Transactional Email

Sure, customers will get the transactional email that says “thank you.” But is that enough? Every touchpoint is one that either reinforces or degrades your brand. As consumers, we receive so many emails – 120 on average. That’s per day, by the way. So how will your “thank you for your order” email stand out? Answer: it won’t. So go beyond the transactional email.

Depending upon your product line, the tactics are different. One thing you can do, but still automate, is send an email campaign that shows the user how to use your product. Are you selling Salsa from Tucson, AZ? Your email campaign can be a 5 email drip of easy-to-prepare meals using your award-winning salsa. Are you selling outdoor gear? Send an email campaign featuring the stories of other users who took that 2 person tent on backpacking trips. 

To stand out in a sea of automation, you have to be noticed. And then you have to be remembered. This does it.

Winning WooCommerce Email Marketing Play 2 – Create the Need for Related Products

Everyone has seen the targeted ads by Amazon for items they already bought. Thanks, Amazon, I already bought that veggie peeler. Tap into use cases. Whether they’re fictional (at first), anecdotal (customer amalgamations) , or interviews (best play), these stories move products off of shelves. 

You’ve heard yourself saying, “I never thought to put Tajin on Cream Cheese Frosting.” But then once you do it, you know that’s what your holiday sugar cookies have been missing all of these years.

Of course, Woo has related and cross-selling extensions. How it works best for you, should you decide to automate it, depends upon being intentional with your categories and tags. Otherwise, the customers need to be segmented in your email marketing platform. Maybe both. See? This is why winning at WooCommerce needs a great development team.

Winning WooCommerce Email Marketing Play 3 – Ask For Reviews

If you’ve ever done pre-sales you know that customers who are on the fence really want to read customer reviews. The thing is, most customers don’t leave reviews. So what now? 

Of course there are many ways to incentivize reviews on a customer-by-customer basis including coupons, swag, and whatnot. But what about emailing existing reviews to your customers?

Say Brad writes a review of your Christmas coffee special roast. He said it was the best part of Christmas. Send that review in an email campaign to existing customers – or better yet – onlookers to ask them if they agree with Brad. 

Want to level it up? Do the same with negative reviews. Maybe Monica thinks that’s the worst coffee she ever had. That’s okay, Monica, Pat loves it and they are a repeat customer. Get the drift?

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