Top 3 Woo Cart Recovery Tips to Maximize Conversions

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If you’ve been in eCommerce very long, you’ve likely seen a few carts.. Beyond fast Woo website hosting, what can be done to stop people from abandoning your site before pulling their credit card out?

What is Cart Abandonment?

Cart recovery is an important part of recapturing revenue lost from the distraction of digital life. Cart abandonment is freakishly common – 7/10 people abandon a cart. If you’re an eCommerce shop owner, it can be alarming. Why? We get a dopamine hit when we add a product to our shopping cart (or even wishlist). But then buyer’s remorse starts setting in.

“Based on the data we collected, we’ve calculated the average cart abandonment rate of 70.19%.”

Baymard Research

What is Cart Recovery?

Cart recovery is an important part of recapturing revenue lost from the distraction of digital life. Simply put, cart recovery is the act of re-engaging the customer so they complete their order. This is why so many eCommerce shops require user registration to purchase – so they can email you to remind you that you have things in your cart.  

Cart Recovery Tip 1 – Understand Why People Bounce

We’ve all abandoned carts – physical and digital. How many times have you been shopping in a discount store, losing track of time, and then all of a sudden you wished you could have bought a FastPass just to check out? How many times have you added things to an online cart and then been distracted?

Sometimes cart abandonment happens. Why? Their dad called asking how to log in to Gmail again. Their kid forgot to turn in his field trip authorization. Their best friend called and she broke up with her boyfriend – again. Life happens. Think about it.

If people bounce because the “line is too long” let’s look at optimizing your website. Slow websites that throw 500 errors are no bueno. People bounce. You’re lucky if they reach out to you via your contact form to buy your product. 

  • People bounce out on their carts because they were distracted.

People bounce out on their carts because your website is slow.

Cart Recovery Tip 2 – Follow-Up Emails Recover Lost Revenue

After your customers leave the checkout process, they likely forgot all about your product – especially if they saw it in passing on TikTok or Reels. Applying a follow-up process that is separate from your normal email marketing or drip campaigns is an important way to recover this lost revenue.

“Recent studies show that the average abandoned cart rate for various industries is 55-80%. Sending a follow-up email can help you recover at least 30% of sales that might otherwise be lost.”


A plugin like CartFlows will allow you to automatically set the follow-up email sequence. Depending upon your brand guidelines, you can go goofy or serious. 

Imagine a subject line like this: 

  • Now you logged your dad back in, here’s your cart.” 
  • Ready to Checkout Now that The Kid’s Back in School?” 
  • Finish checking out while you take a bath.
  • “The boss went to lunch, checkout quick.”

Here’s an example of one of the free email templates you can download from Hubspot:

Subject Line: Insert Subject Line

Preview Text: Insert Preview Test

Hey there, [Recipient]. You didn’t forget about us, did you?

It looks like the order you started with [Company Name] was not completed. We’re keeping the following items in your cart for when you decide to come back and finish your order. 

[Insert picture and/or description of item(s) in the cart]

Remember, when you place an order with [Company Name], you’ll get [Benefit or Special Offering].

Click here to get back to your cart and complete your order – your [Item Type(s)] are waiting

[Insert CTA to your ecommerce store]

See you soon, 

The [Company Name] Team

Cart Recovery Tip 3 – Discount Codes Work

Ah the discount game. As company owners, it sometimes feels like we reward the complainers with discounts. But we also want to recover at least some of that revenue. 

Depending upon if you take Woo’s number or Baymard, at least 50% of carts are abandoned. A fast nickel beats a slow dime. And you want to get that customer. So make your discounts worth it. How do we mean? Would you sign up for a credit card to save 10%? Maybe. Maybe not. To save 20% you probably would. (Then close it later.)

It’s true that a lot of people play the discount game. What do we mean? They know that most companies will send a follow-up email or three with an abandoned cart. Likely, one of those emails will include a discount code. So, does it seem fair? Maybe not. Maybe. But this is the eCommerce life. 

  • Make your discount codes time-sensitive – an expiration date creates urgency.

Create unique codes so you can trace and measure against ongoing promotions. If you give everyone “THANKYOU15” as a discount code, you won’t know who is recovering a cart, who is following a CyberMonday sale, or who is a complainer.

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