EDGEucation – Why The Edge Matters For eCommerce And Your Bottom Line

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Okay. We’ve all heard that it takes seven to ten touches to make a sale and it’s true. This is basic human behavior regardless of technology. Your eCommerce store is no different. 

We make sales decisions with our lizard brain and then do research to justify our purchase. And, then again, you’ll always have that one-off impulse buy – the elusive first-click lead or sale. But don’t count on that to fill your weekly sales reports. You need fast, reliable, scalable traffic that converts – and as much as you can get. It’s as simple as that.

Why is Speed so Important on a Website?

Speed is so important on a website because you want to attract and retain potential customers. And you want them to tell their friends. What keeps people from staying on your site – and converting – is a poor website experience. 

Not everyone is sitting at their 24” iMac, distraction-free, looking at bathing suits for the summer. Likely, they’re watching something on TV. If they’re a sports widow, they’re doomscrolling while their guy is watching the NBA Finals. So, how many of your shoppers are female, and how much of your store’s traffic comes from mobile? You were hoping that Instagram ad converted, right?

“New research by Google has found that 53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn’t load within three seconds.”

Marketing Dive

Three seconds will cause half of mobile visitors to leave. Three seconds. That’s a depressing figure – especially if more than 75% of your sales are mobile. Why is that? Think about it. How many times are you interrupted while on your mobile device? 

You’re reading something then Barbara the Internet Addict texts you a bikini she just found on Insta. Those dang banner notifications. So, being curious, you leave the Psychology Today article you were reading to see what Barbara sent. And it is that really cute bathing suit you need for your beach trip. But you want to see the photos close up and ugh the 5G is so slow at the doctor’s office. (Remember when 5G was fast? Those were the days.)

Does Speed Matter in eCommerce?

Yes, speed matters in eCommerce – unless, of course, you hate money. In the time it takes to read this article (about 4 minutes and 8 seconds or 248 seconds), how many sales would your slow eCommerce site lose – in dollars?

“The peak conversion rate for the sample studied — 5.7 percent — came at a load time of 2.4 seconds. Above that, and people start to click away.”


So, let’s say that you get 100 sales an hour for your $50 product. That works out to $5,000 an hour all things being equal. If you do the math, that works out to $1.39 per second. Now, at 2.4 seconds load time, you have the potential of making $2,000 more an hour in sales – selling that same $50 product. Why? Because you won’t lose so many customers. We bet your CFO would love to hear that news! We’re not even talking about sites that are down, either. Gartner Research estimates that downtime in eCommerce costs an average of $5,600 per minute. Per minute

The faster the load time of your site, the better the customer experience. The last thing your brand needs is to introduce customer frustration into your buyer’s journey. And yet, slow websites are an actual issue. They produce more frustration and stress than watching a horror movie. Think about that. 

How much money is your eCommerce site losing because of latency, poor performance, and, to be frank, a Managed WordPress Host whose technology is outdated for today’s customer expectations?

How Do I Speed Up My WordPress eCommerce Site?

Speaking of how to speed up your WordPress eCommerce site, we have a great solution. We call it the WordPress Plus Edge Solution or the Rocket Value Proposition. Of course, you could always get your own CDN, program your own enterprise-level Cloudflare Workers, choose a WordPress security plugin, and still deal with latency issues – for every single website in your client portfolio.

We understand the frustration hosting brings to agency owners; it’s why we built a modern, fast, scalable, WordPress hosting platform. Your clients deserve more than renting space on some machine in a temperature-controlled room in the middle of nowhere with lackluster support. And you deserve a full night’s sleep.

“I don’t want to tell you how to run your WordPress business. …But I will tell you that the team at Rocket.net are amazing and for the first time in a long time, I’m blown away by the level of personalized customer service support. I haven’t worked with such a personable hosting company since WPEngine had 13 employees.”

Sarah Pressler

EDGEucation – Why Does eCommerce Need the Edge Solution?

The Edge Solution brings the power of Full-Page Caching and Smart Caching to your customer. Each person visiting your eCommerce store will be served from the geographically closest Edge server – one of 275 Edge locations worldwide. No more missing images from your eCommerce site when you accidentally purge everything. Oops.

“​​With Smart Caching, all of your resized images will now stay in the cache. This reduces the number of image resizing requests needed and provides the best possible user experience.”

Ben Gabler

That’s what makes the Edge the perfect way to speed up your WordPress eCommerce Site. It’s the kind of customer personalization that makes their buying experience frustration-free. And your life as an agency owner easier. Now, once you trust Team Rocket with your portfolio of WooCommerce websites, you really can really take that beach vacation your wife has been bugging you about – without your laptop.

Talk Is Cheap. Let Rocket Show You What The Fastest WordPress Hosting REALLY Means!

Saving site performance, your agency’s time, and money? Yes. The Rocket Platform has built-in features that eliminate your need for otherwise paid versions of security, image optimization, CDN, and JS content loader plugins. They are features built into your new favorite platform (the product formerly known as Managed WordPress Hosting).

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Let’s talk about how we can migrate your site to Rocket.net, the fastest WordPress hosting available anywhere. Launch your Mission today!