How Raises The Bar For The Best WordPress Hosting Support In The Industry

How Raises The Bar For The Best WordPress Hosting Support In The Industry
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Hi, I’m Ryan Flowers, the Customer Success Manager at In this post, my goal is to show you how isn’t your average hosting company, and how our Customer Service and Technical Support are unlike any you’ve yet experienced. Rocket has definitely raised the bar in offering the best WordPress hosting support, and I’m about to tell you why.

Ryan Flowers - Customer Success Manager

I’ve been in web hosting for over 20 years. Before that, I cut my teeth in both retail and helping people with their computers either as a teacher or tech support guru. At the tender age of 16 I was selling used computers and teaching my customers how to use those old DOS machines.

When I was 17 I was hired at a local office supply chain’s store, and I got a customer service education that was second to none. The General Manager had been a grocer since the 1950’s, and he expected his crew to show the same level of service that he was taught way back then. He retired not long after I started, but the lessons he taught me were invaluable, and I’ve worked to pass them on to whoever will listen. How did I end up at, then? More on that in a moment. 

We encounter quite a few WordPress website owners who are fed up with their current hosting provider. They’re pulling their hair out because they’ve realized they made a poor choice in WordPress hosting, and it’s killing their business. They contact, looking to make a switch

Often, it’s performance issues with things like page speed, website downtime, or other technical issues that hurt the business, and the owner just throws up their hands in frustration. Many times, however, it’s something even more troubling. aims higher however, and it is our goal to provide a solid, reliable and very fast service. But as important as speed and reliability are, it is our belief that outstanding Customer Service and Technical Support are the foundations of a good experience. Sadly, a lack of this foundation has left many customers frustrated and looking for something better.

From day one, we’ve set out to be the web hosting industry’s leader in Customer Service and Technical Support. I know this first hand because providing an exceptional Customer Service experience, combined with outstanding Technical Support has been my own personal mission for many years.

“It’s something I take pride in for myself, and the only way I was going to join Ben and the rest of the crew was to make sure that shared the same goals. Since you’re reading this, you know how it turned out”

Since coming to, I have been blown away by the display of Customer Service and technical expertise. It’s nothing short of exceptional! 

People are fed up and deserve more!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced a problem with your WordPress hosting.. Now keep your hand raised if you’ve gotten the run around when you tried to reach out to your hosting provider for help. 

I’ll bet at least half of you still have your hands in the air. You find yourself on the phone being passed along from one agent to another, each one is somehow less helpful than the last. You spend hours and hours. By the time you finally reach someone who can truly help you, you’ve already found the answer on YouTube and handled the issue yourself. 

We get it. We’ve been in the industry for many years, and we’ve seen the bad side of customer support. 

The support horror stories we continue to hear from customers is why we set out to fix the hosting industry and raise the bar on WordPress hosting customer support. When you’re running a business, you have a lot on your plate. Keeping your website up and performing at the highest level is critical to your survival, but it shouldn’t become front and center in your focus, ever.

You need a hosting provider who makes WordPress hosting easy, who has your back, one who eliminates the problems before you even know they even exist so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Why is WordPress hosting support so important?

Issues with your website can have a seriously negative impact on your business. When your website goes down, for example, you stand to lose lots of money. A 2014 study by Gartner estimated that the average business lost $5,600 for every minute a site was down. 

Not every business does that kind of volume, but no matter the size of your business, if you do any business online, you can take a serious hit. Especially now with more and more businesses going online, making sure your WordPress hosting provider offers the highest quality service that keeps your business online and fully functional is key. 

That said, everyone’s website runs into issues now and then. It’s just a fact of life when it comes to having an online presence. 

Issues with your site can hurt your business in other ways as well. A poorly performing website can lead to an increase in your bounce rate and a drop in conversions. It can decrease visitors’ time on your site and kill other vital stats that show Google that your site is worthy (or unworthy) of serving up in targeted search results. 

As you can see by the chart below, the longer your pages take to load, the higher your bounce rate soars.

Web Page Load Time vs Bounce Rate
Image: Bounce Rate Correlation to Web Page Load Times – Source

While all websites experience issues from time to time, our support team is constantly working in the background to ensure your site, when hosted with, experiences far fewer issues than it would with any other hosting provider.

When you do run into a problem, you want to be confident in knowing that your WordPress hosting provider is there 24/7 to help with ANY kind of issue. You shouldn’t have to place a support ticket and wait 24 hours to get your issue resolved while you watch your sales slowly decline overnight.

Is true 24/7 customer support a myth?

Every website hosting company in the world claims to have the best customer support, the fastest WordPress hosting, or the most secure platform. 24/7 customer support, specifically, is a term that’s thrown around haphazardly across the wide-ranging scope of industries and business types. 

That 24/7 support, however, often comes with some fine print. For example, you may be able to get some level of support 24/7. However, if you run into an issue with your site at 9 pm, the actual support team your WordPress hosting provider offers may be gone for the way. The support you’ll likely receive involves pre-canned FAQs answers from a chatbot. That’s not going to solve your problem. 

Or maybe the hosting provider puts their A-Team front and center the first half of the day, but if you run into an issue after hours, the B-Team answers your calls. And the B-Team knows very little. At best, they can take down your complaint and pass it along to their supervisor in the morning. 

Stop me if all this sounds all too familiar. 

The good news is that true 24/7 customer support is not a myth. At least not if you host your website with We are staffed by humans, not chatbots, around the clock. Our team members are all equipped to handle ANY problem, 24/7. Not just the basics. 

We’ll never address your customer support needs with a salesperson trying to upsell you. Our primary focus is making sure your website is up and running and your business is rocking. As we like to say, “Your WordPress is our mission.” And it’s true. 

It’s hard to find. That’s for sure. But it does exist, and we would love to prove it to you.

The stats that show Rocket’s true 24/7 support

Many hosting providers set time windows for their support team. When you reach someone via chat, they may have 15 minutes to spend with you before they’re told they need to pass the buck. That’s plain wrong. 

Our team is in it with you until we get things figured out, and we won’t make you wait. Our average chat response time is 47 seconds, and we can typically migrate your website in less than 45 minutes. 

It happens pretty often at that someone will contact us via chat, venting that their current hosting provider just isn’t turning out to be what they thought they were. By the time the chat session is over, their WordPress website has been migrated to, and our speed tests have shown a significant boost in the performance of their website.

Since switching to LiveChat a few weeks ago, it’s really improved overall workflow and how the Rocket customer support team engages with our clients. LiveChat customer satisfaction results

What types of WordPress hosting support should always be available to you?

One crucial component of true 24/7 customer support is connecting to support through multiple channels: phone, email, chat, even social media. Multiple channels allow you to contact customer support and get your problem fixed, no matter how you prefer to communicate.

It’s true that you will have somebody to talk to, but there’s more to offering incredible Customer Service and Technical Support than being available. Most companies focus on having front line agents who are less experienced so that they can answer easy questions and solve simple problems. But, what if you have a difficult question or a serious, complex and urgent problem that needs to be solved? No amount of platitudes and predefined replies are useful in such a situation. 

In contrast, has only one tier of support. All of our support staff are well trained to be able to help with almost any solution you might need, and there is always immediate escalation available in case there are system issues that need to be resolved by our engineering staff.


Some of you prefer a phone call over strictly online communication. Phone calls offer that human touch since you’re hearing someone’s voice, and you can sense their mood, feelings, and other human elements. It’s also sometimes easier to talk something out than type it, especially when what you need to say is super complex.


Email support should be just as fast as chat or any other type of support. You should never have to submit an email or a support ticket and then twiddle your thumbs while you wait impatiently for hours, sometimes days, to get an answer.
Email tends to be a great way to start a conversation. A quality WordPress hosting company should have experienced technical experts available to answer queries via email who can read what you have to say and then simply fix the issue. In cases where the problem is complex or the explanation isn’t clear, the support person can reach out quickly with a follow-up email requesting more info or a conversation via a different medium.

Live Chat

We had to add the word “live” because live chat and chatbots are not the same.’s customer support team strives to greet you with a real, live human expert any time you reach out. Other hosting providers, not so much. 

Many People prefer live chat to other alternative support channels because live chat allows you to keep working in other windows while sending messages back and forth with your support agent. It’s incredibly efficient, as long as there’s an actual person on the other end.

Social Media

While social media isn’t the platform where you’re going to get all your problems solved, it is a great place to connect with your WordPress hosting provider and ask questions. It’s a great way to dig through existing posts and find answers already out there.
A hosting provider with an active social media presence means a discussion is going on. The provider is actively listening and engaging. While they may not solve your problem right there on Twitter, the social media manager should point you in the right direction and get customer support moving on your issue quickly. is truly obsessive about customer support

We’re here to provide you with the best Customer Service and Technical Support you’ve ever experienced, hands down!

No matter what path you take toward fixing the problem you’re facing, response time from your WordPress hosting provider’s support team should be fast and straightforward. It boils down to what’s most convenient for you. 

At Rocket, support tickets are often answered as quickly as chat. We’ve even offered support via Slack and other channels. We aim to provide support in the most convenient way for the customers. What’s suitable for us doesn’t factor in.

“ is not a traditional hosting company. We’re a service company. Support extends into our product. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve. We listen to our customers, and actively look to implement that our customers ask for when possible.”

That’s how we approach things here at We won’t just point you toward a tutorial or give you the run-around. Our team will go beyond simply fixing your issue and also empower you to take action. You’ll leave the conversation with your problem fixed and a deeper understanding of why it happened and how to fix it in the future (of course, if you can’t fix it or don’t want to, we’re always on and always here). 

Look for a hosting provider that’s willing to guide you rather than just point you in some random direction. When you’re researching WordPress hosting providers, look for these things as well.

Our entire team is ‘all-in’ on customer service., don’t be surprised if even our CEO jumps into a chat. Ben takes the lead in being passionate about Customer Service and Technical Support, and I’m glad to say it’s contagious! has the best support I’ve seen since I started working in web hosting in 1999. Yes, it’s really that good! 

Our Customers Simply Trust

In the early days of the Internet it wasn’t uncommon to see new hosts pop up, say they were the best at everything, and then disappear just as quickly. With the advent of inexpensive cloud services, this still happens in some circles. How is different? is made up of web hosting industry veterans who’ve been around the block a few times. We know what works, what doesn’t, and likely everything in between. We have the expertise to keep on course. You can count on us to still be here when your renewal comes around! 

We also have the expertise to back up all of our claims of top notch Customer Service and Technical Support. We may grow bigger, but we’re never going to outgrow the very things that you are coming to us for: The fastest website hosting on the Internet, incredible Customer Service, and exceptional Tech Support.

We know that it’s a big decision to move to a new hosting provider, and we get it. We’ve seen thousands of such moves of the years, and it can be a nerve wracking prospect! When you move, make sure to choose a host that’s going to be right there with you. A provider that’s invested in your success, that’s determined to keep your website fast, your nerves calm, will be there when you need them, and out of the way the rest of the time. Also, be sure to choose a provider that lives up to their claims.

Our team of experts is standing by. Most website owners have switched hosting providers multiple times over the history of their site. We’re confident that you won’t look back once you make the switch to

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The best customer support 24/7, super fast speed, ease-of-use, and access to top tools and industry-leading resources should always come standard. We’re revolutionizing the way your WordPress site gets served up to the world, and we look forward to partnering with you in growing your business.