Introducing: Site User Roles for Selective Control Panel Access

Rocket is even more powerful with the introduction of site user roles for selective Control Panel access for specific WordPress sites in your account
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We’re kicking 2023 off with a bang here at by launching our all-new Site User Roles feature update.

Since the beginning, customers have always been able to create sub-users on their account, but that meant they had access to all of their sites. What if you had a developer or customer that only needed access to a specific WordPress site’s control panel?

Today, that is all possible with our easy to use Site Users feature. Site Users can be thought of like inviting a collaborator to a specific site where access can be revoked at any time.

But wait… what if you don’t want it to be branded! I’m glad you asked! When inviting a Site User to manage a WordPress site on your account, they will receive an email from a white-label domain with links to an unbranded URL for accessing the control panel.

Site User Roles: How to invite a user to a specific WordPress site

Once logged in to your account, simply look for the new Users section under the Overview tab for your site:

Site User Roles: How to invite a user to a specific WordPress site

Once here, you can click Add Site User to invite a user to your site.

It's easy to invite a user to your site, just follow the control panel instructions

The best part? Site Users are roaming profiles throughout all of Once your Site User accepts their invite and sets a password, they can easily be granted access to any site on This is especially powerful for agencies that want to provide selective access to individual sites.

How Site Users access the WordPress Control Panel

Once their initial invite to the control panel is accepted, Site Users will be able to login to the white-label control panel:

Once the invitation has been accepted, site users will be able to login to the white-label control panel

Once logged in, Site Users will be able to see a list of pending invites as well as sites they can manage:

Once logged in, users will see a list of sites they can manage

Finally, Site Users will be able to effortlessly manage the site(s) they have access to with just a click:

Rocket makes it easy for specified users to manage sites they've been given access to

What’s next?

While this feature may seem like a no-brainer, we always try to take them to the next level. Today, this feature is already completely white-labeled to protect your brand, but soon you’ll even be able to upload a logo and completely customize the Site User control panel!

Stay tuned for more announcements!

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