A Comprehensive Guide to WordPress Hosting for Nonprofits

A Comprehensive Guide to WordPress Hosting for Nonprofits
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In our world of “fast, cheap, and good” website offers, a lot of what we order often falls short of our expectations, right? Those cat socks that shrank after one wash? Sure. That 1 dollar a night hotel? Probably expected that to be a disaster, too. But when you see a deal on website hosting? That really shouldn’t fail to please, especially WordPress hosting for nonprofits and the need for value.

A hosting platform is probably your most important sales and marketing tool. The performance of your website, your emails, or your online shop shouldn’t be left to chance. Sadly, from “1 dollar a month” to “free for a year” offers, we’re seeing hosting become more of a commodity – and that’s not good news.

Where money can often be tight, and we’re thinking about nonprofit organizations, cheaper hosting can be an attractive lure. But it’s the wrong place to save. Effective and reliable (regardless of price) web hosting is the cornerstone for the success of your WordPress websites, regardless of your business model. 

Nonprofits are a business, too – and for you as an agency owner, perhaps even a niche business opportunity. In today’s market of digital dominance, a robust (safe, fast, and working) website is crucial for everyone. Whether you’re engaging supporters (customers), communicating your mission (making your pitch), or facilitating online donations (making the sale), you need a great website that’s always on, and always working well.

A great website needs great hosting. Period. That’s the article!

“Web space has become a mass business – it’s become a commodity item. There are too many providers trying to accommodate as many customers as possible on one server. The result in many cases is slow loading websites, too many customers sharing the same server, or server failures where your site is not accessible at all.”


The Importance of Websites and Website Hosting for Nonprofit Organizations

Imagine a website that takes forever to load or repeatedly crashes. How likely would you be to trust that organization with your money or time?

Nonprofit websites act as the first point of contact for organizations to convey their mission, foster ties with supporters, and enable online contributions. These websites play a pivotal role in advancing the goals of nonprofits, so their websites need to offer a trustworthy user experience, all the time.

Cheap website hosting is, for many nonprofits, one way to save money. However, nonprofits face other challenges than just limited budgets: a diverse range of stakeholders, and a need for transparent communication, present extra demands on their online presence.

Don’t nonprofits and regular businesses have similar challenges, you ask? You’re right – but with one big difference. If Amazon goes offline, books are still available at the mall. When a nonprofit website goes down, people might not get the support they need.

Nonprofits and regular businesses differ in their fundamental goals, funding sources, and target audiences. These differences shape the unique needs and challenges that each face.

  • Nonprofits aim to benefit the public or address social issues; businesses focus on generating profits.
  • Nonprofits rely on donations, fees, and grants; businesses generate revenue through sales.
  • Nonprofits serve a broad range of stakeholders; businesses focus on a focused target audience.

“As a nonprofit organization, your website is crucial to your fundraising efforts. Potential donors will look to your website to learn more about your organization and its mission and decide whether they believe in it enough to contribute their time or money.”


Why Managed WordPress Hosting is Important for Nonprofits

Nonprofits rely on their online presence to connect and engage with supporters – that’s their mission. Managed WordPress hosting simplifies website management, ensuring speed, security, and reliability. This tailored solution empowers nonprofits to focus on their mission rather than technical concerns.

Managed WordPress hosting costs more than regular, shared hosting; however, the cost of lost donor data, or website downtime can add up to much more than the savings of a cheaper hosting solution. Just consider how much money is donated online each year, and you know we’re not talking nickels and dimes.

“GivingTuesday has been a successful day for nonprofits for over ten years. In 2022, 3.1 billion dollars was raised in the US alone. Twenty Million Donors participated in that $3.1b raised and for the first time, $1b was donated online. Through a website form – like the one on your foundation’s site.”


When thinking about managed WordPress hosting for your nonprofit clients, it’s important that the specific benefits align with their goals. Here are four we think are the most important:

  • Increased Donor Engagement: Managed WordPress hosting can help nonprofits create a more engaging website, attracting a larger audience of potential donors.
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings: A faster and more secure website can improve search engine rankings, leading to increased traffic and, ultimately, more donations.
  • Reduced IT Costs: Managed WordPress hosting can save nonprofits money on IT costs by outsourcing website maintenance and support.
  • Freed-Up Staff Time: Managed WordPress hosting can free up staff time, allowing nonprofits to focus more on their core mission, thereby increasing productivity and impact.

That’s 4 Reasons for Managed WordPress Hosting – What are the Other Reasons?

Managed WordPress hosting helps nonprofits elevate their online presence and fulfill their mission with greater ease. By selecting the right hosting provider, agency owners can help nonprofits unlock their full potential.

Managed WordPress hosting seamlessly integrates with nonprofits’ operations, allowing them to concentrate on their core work while their websites run smoothly and securely. We at Rocket.net even offer nonprofits free WordPress migrations.

  • Reliability and Uptime: Nonprofit organizations depend heavily on uptime to maintain continuous online visibility, uphold donor trust, and facilitate seamless engagement with their audience.
  • Security: Nonprofits must prioritize data security to protect the confidentiality and trust of their stakeholders and shield donors against potential vulnerabilities.
  • Scalability: Nonprofits should strategically plan for potential growth with a scalable hosting solution.
  • Regular Backups and Updates: Regular backups and updates are crucial for nonprofit websites to safeguard against data loss. Are these included in your hosting package?
  • Support and Customer Service 24/7: Effective customer support is essential in nonprofit hosting to troubleshoot and resolve issues promptly.

We talk all day about the benefits of managed WordPress hosting. Simply put, it’s easier.

“For nonprofits, investing in a premium website hosting service that offers increased security and automatic backups is becoming non-negotiable. Budget website hosting is tempting for small nonprofits on a limited budget, but eventually, the high price of using low-cost website hosting becomes painfully obvious.”


Why Rocket.net is Your Best Choice for Nonprofit Managed WordPress Website Hosting

A reliable and efficient hosting solution ensures that your nonprofit’s website is always available and functioning properly, giving potential donors the confidence to support your cause.

Looking for profitable managed WordPress hosting for your nonprofit organization? Our solution aligns seamlessly with their mission-driven objectives. Our commitment to delivering reliable, secure, and optimized hosting for WordPress websites makes us an excellent partner for nonprofits.

Top-tier agencies and online businesses choose Rocket.net as their trusted managed WordPress hosting provider – why shouldn’t you, too?

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