Top 13 WordPress Enterprise Hosting Questions Rocket Customers Ask Before Upgrading

Top 13 WordPress Enterprise Hosting Questions Rocket Customers Ask Before Upgrading
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Are you searching for the ideal WordPress Enterprise Hosting for your business? Enterprise websites require exceptional performance, reliability, features, and support. If you aim to set up your business for success, it’s essential to select a WordPress host that meets your requirements.

Choosing a web hosting provider is probably the most crucial step in launching your website. There are a lot of companies offering “high-quality enterprise WordPress hosting,” so this can make selecting the right provider a challenging task. Well, up until now. 

Common WordPress Enterprise hosting questions we receive from clients before upgrading and switching to aren’t just about hosting. Sometimes, it’s about WordPress itself.

1. Should I Choose WordPress as My Enterprise CMS?

When people think of enterprise-grade CMS, they might think of Sitecore and Adobe Experience which are capable of integrating with different business-critical platforms such as ERPs or CRMs. However, WordPress can also provide these integrations when combined with appropriate tools. 

If headless is the best solution for your enterprise needs, WordPress can act as a headless content management solution. Headless WordPress (Jamstack) is crucial for companies looking to enter the IoT era to utilize non-traditional devices such as voice assistants and smart wearables. It also allows the marketing team to move forward with their campaigns independently of the development team and vice versa. This is a key feature for enterprise use cases.

Looking for a custom Enterprise solution for your WordPress hosting needs? Book a Demo with for more information

2. What is Enterprise hosting and when do I need it?

Enterprise hosting was designed for high-traffic, dynamic sites. If you’re running a busy Learning Management System (LMS) or WooCommerce store, the Enterprise option is perfect for you! These plans will be capable of handling an enormous amount of traffic while keeping the site fast so you don’t lose potential orders or viewers.

One of the advantages of WordPress as an enterprise CMS is its ease of use and vast ecosystem of plugins. When considering a tool’s adoption in an enterprise environment, learning curves and access to trained resources are also important factors. Fortunately, you found us – with decades of WordPress experience!

When considering enterprise WordPress hosting, there are several factors to take into account. You have to find out if their hardware, software, and support are any good for your application. It’s important to look for features such as scalability, security, speed, uptime guarantees, and their ability to handle high traffic – seamlessly.

3. Can I host multiple sites on the Enterprise node?

These Enterprise packages were designed specifically for very busy, dynamic sites. These are perfect for large WooCommerce stores, or LMS sites.

Dedicated hosting allows for multiple websites to be hosted on a single server, providing full control and efficient management. offers an affordable option for hosting multiple websites on a single server with a range of cloud-based hosting options. 

Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server with your Enterprise plan, including control and customization, at a manageable cost. Our user-friendly control panel and 24/7 support make managing your WooCommerce stores, video streaming, or LMS sites easy.

4. Is the Enterprise plan faster than the Managed or Agency plans?

The Enterprise nodes offer dedicated hardware and also include Object Cache Pro + Relay at no additional cost. When dealing with a highly-trafficked site with dynamic content, these Enterprise plans will offer the best possible performance. 

2.4 seconds to load. After that people leave your website. The faster the load time of your site, the better the customer experience. And yet, slow websites are still an actual issue. They produce more frustration and stress than watching a horror movie. Think about that. 

“How much money is your eCommerce site losing because of latency, poor performance, and, to be frank, a Managed WordPress Host whose technology is outdated for today’s customer expectations?”

At, your Enterprise deployment is completely dedicated to your site(s) and resides on our fully-managed Private Cloud.

5. Is your WordPress Enterprise Hosting on a dedicated server?

Yes! We use dedicated hardware for our Enterprise plans.

Why is that important? Your website is important to you and your clients — and to us. Your dedicated server provides all its computing power, memory, and connectivity to only one customer – you!

Compared to virtual servers or shared hosting, dedicated servers are more expensive but offer the advantage of:

  • greater flexibility
  • freedom in setting up the server
  • a dedicated IP
  • high security and privacy
  • and faster loading times

Flexible. Secure. Fast. Yours. Done.

6. I have a very busy WooCommerce website. Can Enterprise hosting handle the traffic? Enterprise hosting can absolutely handle your very busy WooCommerce Site. These Enterprise plans take full advantage of our Cloudflare Enterprise configuration in addition to Redis, Object Cache Pro, and Relay. We’re configured specifically for very busy WooCommerce websites, even when a sale goes viral.

An essential feature to consider when selecting enterprise WordPress hosting is scalability. As your business expands, your hosting provider must be capable of meeting your increasing demands. For instance, you may require a server with larger resources and size to manage growing traffic and data — and it would be nice to have this without a huge increase in your monthly fees.

7. Okay, but do Enterprise plans also offer PCI compliance?

By way of our Cloudflare Enterprise configuration, all sites on our network are PCI compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Your store will be as secure as possible to protect your clients.

Comparing the security between a shared hosting server and a dedicated server is a bit like comparing your apartment to your cottage in the country.

With an Enterprise dedicated server, your security is top shelf: you can restrict physical access to your hardware, thereby eliminating the risk of accidents involving power or network cables. If your business must comply with regulations such as HIPAA Compliant Hosting or PCI-DSS Compliance, this measure may even be mandatory.

We utilize Cloudflare’s Website Application Firewall (WAF) to scan every request coming to your WordPress site to ensure it’s safe before it’s sent to our servers.

8. My current hosting solution charges me for Redis, Object Cache Pro, and Relay. Does really include it for free?

Yes! Rocket’s Enterprise solutions include Redis, Object Cache Pro, and Relay at no additional charge. We believe in stellar performance for our customers and these tools help tremendously.

Another crucial aspect to verify when choosing enterprise WordPress hosting is the level of security provided by the hosting provider. A security breach can lead to severe consequences such as hefty fines and significant losses. It’s mega important to understand the security measures implemented by the web host to safeguard your website from possible attacks.

Let’s Compare: vs WP Engine

Get Cloudflare Enterprise included in your hosting without additional monthly fees for enterprise websites that load incredibly fast – all around the world. Do you want zero hidden upsells, backed by the best customer support in the industry? Then you need to switch from WP Engine to

When it comes to comparing and WP Engine, you’ll find to not only faster and more secure but backed by a customer service team where you’re much more than just a number no matter how much you spend with us.

For WP Engine’s enterprise-level plans, you’ll need to reach out to sales to talk about your specific requirements. In general, enterprise plans start at around $600 per month, while general plans start at $30 per month. It’s all about what’s actually included for that price.’s enterprise WordPress hosting plans start at $649 per month, while our general plans start at $30 per month.

9. Great Hosting Isn’t About the Tech – Great Hosting is About You

It’s crucial to ensure that the hosting provider meets your specific business needs and budget. It doesn’t matter about the other guy’s websites. What matters are your websites. Your online shops. Your customers.

The most important thing you need to know is: how good is their customer support? That’s the deal breaker. Are they tech people? Do they get me? Are they going to be there for you 24/7, on Black Friday, on Sunday morning, during the next freak LA snowstorm?

“I care about that CSAT score staying green. And I think that’s where a lot of these companies just lost sight. You know, HostGator had a hundred million-dollar-a-year run rate because of support. That’s it. … At we treat everybody the same. A $30 customer gets the same level of support that a $10,000 a month customer gets.”

Ben Gabler – The Admin Bar: Choosing the Right Host

10. How do I get private Slack channel support?

We offer a private Slack channel for all clients using one of our Enterprise plans. When the sign-up is complete, we’ll send you an invitation. Asking for support in Slack is seamless since our entire team uses Slack extensively for our day-to-day operations. Think of support as an extension of your team.

One of Slack’s great strengths is its ability to simplify communication. Slack allows users to exchange messages in real-time, regardless of where they are. Whether in the office or on the go, teams stay in touch and communicate with each other as if they were in the same room.

In addition, Slack offers a variety of features that can improve collaboration. You use it, we use it – could customer support get any easier?

11. Why should I go with for my Enterprise hosting needs? was founded on the premise of 20+ years’ worth of hosting experience. When it comes to WordPress we’ve seen it all. We’re here to provide a secure, stable, and FAST environment for your site to thrive.

Avg. Chat Response: 47 sec Avg. Ticket Response: 6 min Avg.
Migration Time: 43 min Satisfaction Rate: 98.3%’s WordPress Enterprise hosting platform powers many of the world’s highest-trafficked websites. From WooCommerce stores processing thousands of orders, and top websites for key government officials, to large media and AdTech websites, we provide the fastest and most secure infrastructure possible for your enterprise-level endeavor.

Whether you’re handling 100 orders a minute or running a training class for 500 students – Rocket has put together the ultimate WordPress performance stack to support your needs.

Let’s Compare: vs. Kinsta

A finely-tuned CDN powered by Cloudflare Enterprise, no stingy PHP worker limitations, no hidden upsells, and an unwavering commitment to customer support are all reasons why you need to switch from Kinsta to

When it comes to comparing and Kinsta, according to our customers you’ll find not only easier to use, faster, and more secure, but also backed by better customer service with no hidden fees/up-sells.

Kinsta’s enterprise-level plans start at $675 per month, while general plans start at $35 per month.’s enterprise WordPress hosting plans start at $649 per month, while the general plans start at $30 per month.

12. I’m not sure what Enterprise hosting tier I need. Can you help me figure out my best options?

Absolutely! We’d love to sit down and chat a bit further about your site. We’re available 24×7 via live chat or happy to book a demo call via Zoom

Enterprise plans are currently available in Ashburn, Phoenix, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

You saw it, right? APAS – Agile Platform Administration Solution!

Have an existing site you want to move? No problem! Simply open a ticket and our team will be more than happy to move that for you.

13. Is there a Enterprise hosting trial available?

These Enterprise plans use dedicated hardware. Considering our significant investment we do not offer trials in the Enterprise environment.

We currently offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all regular hosting packages purchases by default. If you would like to test-drive our Platform before adding a payment method, contact us today and we’ll get you set up with a test-drive account.

We’d Love to Show You What Enterprise Hosting Can Mean to Your Business!

Enterprise features at a reasonable price? Yes, please. We know how to treat our Enterprise clients and, more importantly, how to be an extension of your existing team. That’s why we believe is the perfect partner to handle everything you need.

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