Why Rocket.net Is the Best WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program (And How Our Top Partners Are Killing It!)

by Jeff Trumble on

Why Rocket.net Is the Best WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program (And How Our Top Partners Are Killing It!)

I previously posted about some great affiliate programs out there that you need to look at, this time I’m talking about our own affiliate program where we reward affiliates with commissions for referring new customers.

If you aren’t an affiliate already, you can join the Rocket.net affiliate program now and start making $150 per referral. Many of our top affiliate partners are making thousands of dollars a month, but why are they so successful?

Rocket.net Affiliate Program Dashboard

The question I get asked more than anything else is how do I get referrals and start making some money?

How to promote the Rocket.net web hosting affiliate program?

If you’re looking to maximize your conversion rates, I want to share 6 proven methods that our top 1% of affiliates seem to be doing consistently and helping them earn more commissions on a regular basis.

1 – Talk about why Rocket is the fastest WordPress hosting in the world
It’s catchy and it’s true. Lots of other hosting companies say the same thing, but Rocket can prove it. HostingStep is known for their thorough web hosting reviews, they put us through an exhaustive process to rank performance and those reviews are based purely on the testing results. They were so impressed that they became a client of Rocket.

You can include links like this one that often will help turn website visitors into referrals!

Guess who is #1 according to HostingStep? Rocket of course
10 Fastest WordPress Hosting Services of 2022

2 – A little effort goes a long way, don’t just cut and paste what we have on our site
I find that most of our top affiliates make an effort in their reviews, putting some unique spin or doing a little additional research that makes them stick out from the rest of the group.

Rarely do I find affiliates that have gone to Rocket.net and simply copy/pasted what we already have there do very well. Find an angle that you think resonates with your audience and personalize why you think Rocket is a great choice for WordPress hosting.

3 – Passive vs active promotion
What I mean by this is that our best affiliates are actively suggesting it to their network as a recommendation vs having a link on your site somewhere and hoping you’ll make money from it.

Very similar to why we rely on our friends and family or immediate social media circles more than any other factor in making a purchase decision, whether it be a new car, ice cream, or local barbershop… When someone you know says they had a great experience, you are definitely more likely to check it out too!

4 – Rocket is great for Core Web Vitals
Everyone out there wants to pass their core web vitals these days, Rocket helps them get there.

Since we use Cloudflare Enterprise ($6000 a month retail), it means that customers get the best experience around the world. Full-page caching and leveraging the EDGE network means the fastest global TTFB (Time to First Byte) over anyone else. Talk about the benefits of Rocket and why they should switch their hosting company.

BTW – Did you check out my post to help with Core Web Vitals? Definitely worth a read!
Top 17 Core Web Vitals Tips And Tricks Nobody Will Ever Tell You!

5 – Go back and update your old Rocket posts and reviews from 2021
Many of our top affiliates are always updating their posts and reviews, testing copy that converts better and making sure that what they have is optimized to make the most money possible. Because of that, they’re making $1000’s a month and so can you if you put the time and effort to convert website visitors into referrals. Google loves updated content too, go back and see if there are things you can improve.

6 – Dedicate strategic real estate on your website for best converting opportunities
I get emails again from affiliates about how to make more money, they send me their website link and usually I don’t see where Rocket is even being mentioned? If I can’t find your posts and links to Rocket, then how can anybody else find it too?

Make sure to use our newest banners, place your affiliate link somewhere in your footer, or find other places on your website that can draw some eyeballs. If you bury it on your site, likely nobody is going to find it.

So if you are looking for the best WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program, then make sure to join now and start making some money!

Sign-up for Rocket.net and get the fastest WordPress hosting in the world!

Our team of experts is standing by. Most website owners have switched hosting providers multiple times over the history of their site. We’re confident that you won’t look back once you make the switch to Rocket.net. 

The best customer support 24/7, super fast speed, ease-of-use, and access to top tools and industry-leading resources should always come standard. We’re revolutionizing the way your WordPress site gets served up to the world, and we look forward to partnering with you in growing your business.

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