Top 5 WordPress Newsletter Plugins

Top 5 WordPress Newsletter Plugins
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The Power of WordPress Newsletter Plugins for Your Website

How many newsletters do you receive each day? Probably far too many. How many do you open? How many do you read? But here’s the thing – email newsletters work.

Email works better than your social media marketing, paid or organic. It also works better than your paid or organic SEO, webinars, or AI-influencer affiliate programs. Email conversion rates trump any other online marketing. B2C or B2B. They’re lightweight, device-agnostic, and they’re paperless.

Email has always been the gold standard when it comes to digital marketing.

Here’s Why Your Website Needs an Email Marketing Plugin

Let’s call it what it is. A newsletter is a must-have marketing. Helpful, personalized, content marketing. Add a WordPress website, and you are a rockstar. Running a WordPress website opens doors.

While WordPress offers plenty of robust features, it lacks an email newsletter feature out of the box. An email newsletter plugin allows seamless integration within your dashboard. It eliminates the need for complicated workarounds or external services. It just makes things easier.

If you aren’t already using your website to support your email marketing, here are four reasons why you should.

Email Marketing is Effortless

Can you code? Probably. Can your marketing team? Can your client? Perhaps. It’s not a knockout if they can’t. Some people say WordPress developers aren’t real developers, but that’s a conversation better left to Twitter. Whether you can fork Python snippets left-handed with your eyes closed really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have a website, that it works, and that people can find it.

Newsletter plugins bridge the gap between your website and your email marketing and sometimes even act as a built-in tool. It’s your call. This translates to time saved for every campaign. Time you can spend with your clients. Time you can spend learning Python snippets.

Imagine adding subscriber forms with a drag-and-drop interface. Well, not you, you can code, but your client, your email team, anyone else. No more mess. No code chaos. Going beyond convenience.

Email Marketing Builds Relationships

Time-saving no-code is fine, but the true value of a newsletter plugin goes beyond technical ease. A well-crafted newsletter keeps people engaged. It’s a lifeline that prevents them from being yet another untethered prospect floating from website to website.

By nurturing this connection with targeted, useful, great content, newsletters drive repeat traffic – and that’s the lifeline of any website. Strike that. That’s the lifeline of your business.

“Not every email you send customers should involve selling them products or services. Instead, focus on providing value. When you can demonstrate the value you provide your customers, they’ll look forward to hearing from you every week.”

Business News Daily

Email Marketing is Cost-Effective Communication

Let’s talk about money. Do you have money? Would you like more? Then start marketing smarter. Compared to other marketing channels, email is very easy on the wallet. How much do you spend on your marketing each month?

According to Gartner, marketers spend about 8% of their budget on email marketing. A recent Deloitte survey says that companies allocate about 13% of sales to marketing.

That means if you have annual sales of $100,000 and devote $13,000 to marketing, you are spending about $1,000 a month on email marketing. That’s considerably less than you are probably paying for any other online marketing, right?

Anything more expensive than $50 is out of the question? No worries. Many email marketing tools offer low-cost or free tiers to get you started. Plus, email gives you complete control over your communication; unlike social media platforms where algorithms dictate your reach.

Email Marketing Lets You Measure, Analyze, and Improve

If you’re going to do anything, you need insight. Data rules. If you can’t measure it, you can’t effectively use it. Email lets you segment. It lets you get granular. Really granular.

Newsletters offer a treasure trove of data too (just don’t forget privacy regulations). With the tools available, you can track metrics like open rates and click-throughs, allowing you to refine your strategy and deliver content that doesn’t just resonate with your audience, it grounds them.

More than grabbing their attention, email offers you the chance to get your audience excited.

Newsletter marketing is easy, it connects, it’s low-cost, and it works. Newsletters simplify the marketing process, empower you to build relationships, and provide valuable insights. WordPress newsletter plugins are a game-changer.

So, let’s cut to the chase. Which newsletter plugin is right for you?

What About WordPress Newsletter Plugin Options for Your Agency?

Sure, everyone loves a new feature, but before you install a newsletter plugin, do your BMW due diligence: Does your Business need it? Does your Marketing need it? Does your Website need it?

Just because a plugin can be installed, doesn’t mean it should be installed. Install the right tool for the job.

Choosing the Right Newsletter Plugin: Our BMW Checklist

Business Questions: Will this plugin make/cost my business money?

  • Will your client require extensive training to use the plugin effectively?
  • Does the plugin offer good customer support in case you encounter any issues?
  • What is your budget? Are there any freemium options with features that meet your needs?
  • Considering a paid plugin? Are there pricing tiers with features that scale to your budget?
  • Does the plugin have a positive reputation and good reviews from other users?

Marketing Questions: Will this plugin help me achieve my marketing goals?

  • What are your email marketing needs? Consider what features are important to you, such as email automation, list segmentation, and analytics.
  • How many subscribers do you currently have? Is the plugin designed to scale and efficiently manage a growing subscriber base?
  • Are there integrations with any existing platforms you or your client use (e.g., CRM, email marketing)? What about an online shop?

Website Questions: Will my website run smoothly using this plugin?

  • Do you really need the plugin? There might be alternative ways to achieve what you want without adding another plugin. Avoid plugin bloat.
  • Some plugins are easier to use than others. Choose a plugin that you are comfortable using and can support.
  • What specific features are most important to you or your clients? (e.g., automation, marketing integrations, analytics)
  • Does the plugin offer all the desired features, or are there any workarounds needed?

“So you’re managing your clients’ eCommerce site. Why aren’t you also managing their WooCommerce Email Marketing Campaigns? Sure you can use Mailchimp to do WooCommerce email marketing, but that’s not the only game in town. Pick your poison: HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Groundhogg, Salesforce, ConstantContact — the plays are the same.” – Top Winning WooCommerce Email Marketing Plays

Our Favourite Five Newsletter Plugins – and Two More

A great newsletter plugin for WordPress is easy to use, creates beautiful emails, and scales with your subscriber list. It offers features like automation and analytics to boost engagement. This is important because email marketing lets you directly connect with your audience and grow your business. 

Email marketing is key for reaching customers directly, building relationships, and driving sales.

WordPress has almost 60,000 plugins, of which 25% – almost 15,000 – are email-related. While we couldn’t check all of the plugins available, we do have our five favorites – and two others we really like.

WordPress Newsletter Plugin Tip #1 – MailPoet

Free Version: Yes. The Starter Plan begins at $10 a month.

700,000+ active installations – 4.5 stars

MailPoet is a powerful newsletter plugin designed specifically for WordPress. It empowers website owners to create and manage email campaigns, engage with subscribers, and enhance communication. It’s trusted by over 700,000 websites worldwide, making it an excellent choice for WordPress-powered email marketing and communication.


  • MailPoet seamlessly integrates email marketing features directly into your WordPress dashboard, eliminating the need to switch platforms.
  • Benefit from a responsive support team with prompt email replies and comprehensive documentation for self-service troubleshooting.
  • MailPoet offers a comprehensive email marketing suite at an affordable price, including form creation, subscriber management, email automation, analytics, and GDPR compliance – eliminating the need for separate tools.
  • The free plan allows you to collect unlimited emails, send to 1,000 subscribers monthly, and utilize pre-designed templates for newsletters and automated emails.


  • MailPoet is exclusively for WordPress websites and doesn’t function as a standalone SaaS platform.
  • Advanced scheduling options are missing in the free and basic plans.
  • While MailPoet offers templates, some users might desire a wider variety.
  • MailPoet currently doesn’t support multisite functionality or Right-to-Left language layouts.
  • Sending emails through MailPoet requires a paid plan; integration with third-party email marketing tools is available in premium plans.


MailPoet is a user-friendly and cost-effective email marketing solution ideal for WordPress users. Its free plan offers valuable features, and paid plans provide advanced functionalities like sending limit removal, detailed analytics, and priority support. However, the lack of a free-standing platform and limitations in advanced scheduling and template options might be drawbacks for some.

WordPress Newsletter Plugin Tip #2 – Newsletter Glue

Free Version: No. Basic Plan starts at $79 a month.

Newsletter Glue simplifies sending blog posts directly to email subscribers, mimicking Substack functionality. It integrates with popular email marketing services for list management and delivery.

You can leverage the familiar WordPress block editor to design content for both website and email newsletters. Optionally create email-only content without publishing it on your website.


  • Utilize the existing WordPress block editor for crafting newsletter content. No need to duplicate work!
  • Effortlessly publish content to both your website and newsletter simultaneously.
  • Connect with various email marketing services (Mailchimp, MailerLite, etc.) for streamlined management.
  • Send specific content exclusively to email subscribers.


  • No free tier and the paid plan (starting at $79/month) caters to high-volume publications.
  • Requires a separate email marketing service for list management and delivery.
  • Currently, no WordPress depository plugin

Newsletter Glue caters to users comfortable with the WordPress block editor and seeking a streamlined solution for managing website and email newsletter content in one place. However, the lack of a free tier and reliance on external email marketing services might be drawbacks for some.

WordPress Newsletter Plugin Tip #3 – Brevo (formerly SendinBlue)

Free Version: Yes. Basic Plan starts at $19 a month.

100,000+ active WordPress installations – 4 stars

Brevo offers a powerful all-in-one email marketing plugin for WordPress. It’s user-friendly with robust automation features, SMS marketing capabilities, and a free plan.


  • Brevo offers a clean and user-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop editor for emails and forms.
  • Brevo provides a variety of beautiful and responsive email templates to jumpstart your campaigns.
  • Create automated email workflows with pre-built templates or from scratch. Personalize the journeys based on user data.
  • Reach your audience directly through SMS campaigns in addition to email.
  • Segment your contact list and personalize your emails with dynamic content for better engagement.


  • The pricing plans are based on the number of emails sent, and some advanced features require additional purchases. This can be expensive for small businesses.
  • Landing pages are only available in the pricier Business plan, and you can only create one without additional costs.
  • The free and starter plans offer limited reporting features. Advanced analytics require upgrading to a higher plan.
  • Brevo’s email deliverability scores have shown fluctuations and could be improved.
  • Compared to other platforms, Brevo offers a smaller selection of third-party integrations.


The pricing structure with add-on fees, limited free plan features, and basic reporting can be drawbacks for some users. Consider your budget, email marketing needs, and desired integrations before choosing Brevo.

WordPress Newsletter Plugin Tip #4 – Groundhogg

Free Version: No. Basic starts at $20 a month.

2,000+ active installations – 5 stars

Groundhogg is an award-winning WordPress CRM, Email & Marketing Automation plugin that empowers website owners to streamline communication, automate marketing tasks, and enhance customer relationship management.


  • Groundhogg integrates flawlessly with your WordPress site, leveraging existing user data and forms.
  • Create automated email sequences triggered by user behavior, purchases, or other events.
  • Targeted Audience Segmentation: Segment your audience based on various criteria to deliver highly relevant email campaigns.
  • Groundhogg’s pricing scales with the size of your list, making it cost-effective for businesses with large subscriber bases.
  • Offers a REST API and webhooks for customization and integration with other tools.
  • GDPR and CASL Compliant: Ensures compliance with major data privacy regulations.


  • While it integrates well within WordPress, it may have limited connections with external tools and platforms.
  • Groundhogg, as a comprehensive plugin, might impact the performance of your WordPress site, especially on shared hosting.
  • New users, especially those unfamiliar with WordPress, may find it challenging to master all features.


Groundhogg is a powerful email marketing and marketing automation tool for WordPress users who want advanced features and deep integration with their websites. However, the learning curve can be steeper, and there might be limitations with third-party integrations and website performance. Consider your technical expertise, budget, and need for external integrations before choosing.

WordPress Newsletter Plugin Tip #5 – HubSpot

Free Version: Yes. The Starter plan starts at $15 a month.

300,000+ active installations – 4.5 stars

HubSpot is a global CRM platform that integrates marketing, sales, and customer service tools. This allows you to manage customer interactions across various departments in a centralized way. With 300,000 newsletter plugin installations, it is second in size only to MailPoet.


  • Easy to navigate, even for beginners, with a drag-and-drop editor for building emails.
  • Includes A/B testing, marketing automation, detailed analytics, landing page creation, and social media marketing tools (with paid plans).
  • Integrates with various marketing and business tools you might already use.


  • The free plan has restrictions on contacts, emails per month, and features. Sending test emails also requires a paid plan.
  • HubSpot’s pricing can be expensive compared to some email marketing services, especially for smaller businesses.
  • HubSpot offers email marketing as part of its larger marketing hub platform. You can’t purchase email marketing tools alone.
  • Basic automation features require a paid plan.


HubSpot Email Marketing is a powerful tool for businesses looking for an all-in-one marketing solution. However, the cost can be a barrier for smaller businesses or those just starting with email marketing. Consider your budget and email marketing needs before committing to HubSpot. If you only need basic email marketing features, a more affordable option might be a better fit.

WordPress Newsletter Plugin Bonus Tip – Beehiiv

Free Version: Yes. The Grow plan starts at $49 a month.

Beehiiv is an email service provider (ESP) specifically designed to help creators build and manage newsletters. Here’s a breakdown of its pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the right tool for you:


  • Beehiiv offers a free plan for up to 2,500 subscribers, and its paid plans are cheaper than competitors, especially for larger audiences.
  • The email editor allows you to create beautiful and engaging newsletters without needing pre-built templates.
  • Beehiiv provides insightful analytics to track subscriber acquisition sources and email performance.
  • There is a Slack community where newsletter creators can connect, share experiences, and ask questions.
  • There are various ways to monetize your newsletter, including co-registration (Boosts), paid subscriptions, and sponsored posts.


  • Beehiiv’s automation features are still under development compared to some competitors like ConvertKit.
  • Landing pages offer less customization compared to other platforms.
  • Beehiiv has a growing list of integrations, but it’s not as extensive as some competitors.
  • Currently no WordPress depository plugin


Beehiiv is an excellent option for most smaller-list newsletter creators, especially those looking for an affordable and user-friendly platform with a powerful email designer. However, if you need advanced automation features or extensive integrations, ConvertKit might be a better choice. Beehiiv is a strong contender, especially for those on a budget and those who prioritize a beautiful email design experience.

WordPress Newsletter Plugin Bonus Tip – ConvertKit

Free version: Yes. Creator plan starts at $25 a month

40,000+ active installations – 5 stars

ConvertKit is a popular email marketing plugin specifically designed for creators and bloggers, allowing you to design newsletters, manage subscribers, and automate email sequences, all within a user-friendly interface. The accessible pricing and integrations with WooCommerce, GravityForms, and WPForms make it a great fit for most businesses.


  • ConvertKit has a clean and user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate – even for beginners.
  • Create automated email sequences with a visual builder and pre-built templates. Segment your audience based on behavior and tailor your messaging for maximum impact.
  • Organize your subscribers with tags and segments for targeted campaigns.
  • Easily create and customize signup forms to capture leads from your website.
  • Sell digital products with WooCommerce directly through ConvertKit, eliminating the need for third-party apps.
  • Connect ConvertKit with a wide range of tools you already use to streamline your workflow.


  • The email editor is basic and lacks drag-and-drop functionality. It can be limiting for users who want more creative control over their email design.
  • Advanced personalization options require coding knowledge.
  • While ConvertKit offers some email and landing page templates, the selection is small compared to other platforms.
  • Landing page creation offers limited design flexibility.
  • ConvertKit only provides basic email analytics. Advanced reporting features are available only on the higher-priced Creator Pro plan.


ConvertKit is a user-friendly platform with powerful automation features and built-in sales functionality. However, the basic email designer, limited templates, and lack of advanced analytics may be drawbacks for some users. Consider your budget and design needs before making a decision.

Email Marketing is Alive and Well

Regardless of where people are in your funnel, email marketing is a powerful tool. From personalized recommendations and fostering stronger relationships to boosting business growth, email marketing is alive and kicking!

To stay ahead of the curve, you need to be a part of the evolution. It’s not enough to simply have the newsletter plugin, you need to be able to use the newsletter plugin.

Regardless of which newsletter plugin you choose, stay on top of some of these trends:

  • Personalization is no longer enough. This means emails tailored to individual preferences, past behavior, and real-time needs.
  • Static emails are a thing of the past. Create a more engaging experience for subscribers if you want to boost click-through rates and create subscribers who look forward to your newsletter.
  • Got data? Make sure you can use it. With growing privacy concerns, email authentication is a necessity. Enough said.
  • Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection made open rates less reliable. What other engagement metrics are you using to gauge campaign success?
  • AI is no longer just for personalization. It can now generate compelling subject lines, email copy, and even entire email campaigns. This frees up your time. And time is money.

Grow Your Business with a Growing Platform

Want white glove service? No problem. Regardless of the plan you choose, we help you migrate your website and start building your own personal brand. Need to migrate several? We got you. 

Streamline your workflow by choosing a reliable, performant platform for websites of all sizes. The only question is when you’d like to get going.

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