Introducing: WordPress Access Logs from the Edge

by Ben Gabler on

WordPress Access Logs

As always, at we work hard to provide our customers with the best possible experience when hosting their WordPress site(s). Back in April, we announced an all-new WordPress Activity Logging feature to help customers understand what specific actions were taking place inside of WordPress.

Today, we’re launching a very unique feature here at to help customers understand the visitor side of activity on their site(s) – Access Logs directly from Cloudflare’s Edge! WordPress Access Logs WordPress Access Logs

How does it work?

Thanks to Cloudflare’s log pull capability, we’re able to pull constantly pull raw access logs from the Edge and store them in our own database. From there, our API can make requests to retrieve site specific logs up to 72 hours back.

Comprehensive metadata domain s requests - Introducing: WordPress Access Logs from the Edge - WordPress Access Logs

At, we’re constantly pulling for logs from Cloudflare, however due to Cloudflare limitations the logs can be 15 minutes or so behind current time.

Why do I need WordPress Access Logs?

Having access to your raw logs is incredibly important. For example, let’s say you’re looking to find any 404’s that may exist on your site… no problem! Simply login to your Dashboard, click Manage on your site, click Logs, then click the Access Logs tab.

Once on the Access Logs tab, simply click Add Filter and choose Status Code and input 404

As you can see above, it’s very easy to spot 404’s and other activity directly from the raw traffic hitting your WordPress.

Having this data inside of the portal is extremely powerful as it will play a big role in some of our upcoming feature releases.

Stay tuned!

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