Top 11 Ways Agencies Can Easily Manage 25+ WordPress Websites (and Grow Your Revenue)

Top 11 Ways Agencies Can Easily Manage 25+ WordPress Websites (and Grow Your Revenue)
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Growing your revenue is easy when you scale your web development agency – with some caveats. You can manage 25+ WordPress Websites and grow revenue – at scale – with these eleven tips. The only question becomes, how badly do you want to grow your revenue? Do you want to scale or do you enjoy where you’re at in life? 

No one can answer these questions for you but yourself.

If you’re ready to grow your WordPress agency’s revenue, the key is growing your client base. See yourself as a marketing agency. Marketing agencies build WordPress websites. You’re not a “web dev shop.” No one in the general population (dentists, plumbers, CPAs) knows what that is.

Things start to get much easier when setting yourself up with proper WordPress hosting. Whether it’s with our scalable agency plans or as a reseller under your own brand, how can you simplify all the things that typically slow you down so you can concentrate on building up your business?

Growing your agency’s revenue quickly isn’t difficult but it does take focus. You must shift your mindset to building and launching websites quickly instead of building showcase projects that give you personal satisfaction. Think of a restaurant turning tables. You make money with volume over time and a limited menu.

Sure, it’s great to work on side projects, but if you want to grow your agency’s revenue, you must scale.

The only way to truly scale is to niche down. Josh Nelson has the blueprint in his book, “The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap. How to Build a Million Dollar Digital Marketing Agency.” It’s a must-read. Here’s a quick quote from “Part Two: Deliver Results.”

From my experience, I believe it’s important to understand the Rule of Five Ones if you want to know the fastest way to grow your digital marketing agency.

Here’s a quick reminder of how they apply to a marketing agency, though the concept is the same for just about any business.

One target market

One lead generation strategy

One conversion mechanism

One program

One year

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11 Steps to Easily Manage 25+ WordPress Websites

We could easily write an article on each one of these eleven steps, and in some cases, we did. The biggest hurdle to scaling an agency is the will to market to one niche (not medical websites, cosmetic dentistry) and streamline your workflow with one host.

  1. Choose a niche and stick with it. Seriously. Pick one industry. You’ll thank us later.
  2. Don’t do it alone. Whether you form a legal partnership, hire a vendor or employee, or work with your spouse, you’ll need someone who complements your skills.
  3. Get serious with your pricing packages. Is $2,500 a month enough? $500? Do some deep analytics on your books and track your time. 
  4. Use templated content in your base framework. If WordPress default themes have default content, why shouldn’t your builds for cosmetic dentists? Take content out of the client’s hands.
  5. Bundle care plans into your WordPress build. Learning a handful of hosts isn’t a good use of your brainpower. And how many hours do you really want to futz with that hacked website because your client wants to stay on Seriously. You are worth more than that, baby.
  6. Resell hosting within your care plans and WordPress build. We can’t say this loud enough. So many freelancers-turning-agencies think their best bet is to meet the client at every one of their needs. It is, but also, are they the ones who should choose hosting? Maybe. Maybe not. 
  7. Dedicate one day to software updates. Tuesday is the most productive day of the week so make it a thing. Update your portfolio of client websites on Tuesdays, then take yourself or your team out for tacos. Psychological Pairing. It works.
  8. Participate in industry and/or local events. This is a must. Marketing to cosmetic dentists? Go to their conference. To cruise agents, go to CLIA events. You get it.
  9. Publish case studies. Share them on social. The only way to publish case studies is to ask for one. Hairstylists have no problem asking their clients to take photos and videos both before and after. Why do agencies have this issue? Ask before, during and after. Do it.
  10. Ask for reviews and earn valuable social proof. Again, if they love working with you, this should be easy. is a huge fan of Trustpilot when customers share their experiences with us. Maybe you’ll like them, too.
  11. Start an email marketing drip for your niche. Seriously. Whether you’re using Mailchimp, HubSpot, or Groundhogg, prioritize this task. Give industry-specific marketing tips and tricks to your customer base. They’ll thank you for it. And refer their peers.

Start Building Your Business Today: Rocket Makes it Simple for Agencies to Manage 25+ WordPress Websites With Ease! truly is the future of WordPress hosting and we want to empower you to grow your agency’s revenue. So, why not make money building and maintain websites with ease to start scaling your revenue right away? Have questions? Let us know.

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