The Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Multilingual WordPress Website

The Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Multilingual WordPress Website
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Fun Fact: Not everyone speaks English. It’s true! Of the 8 billion people now living on our planet – and the 5 billion active internet users – only 1.5 billion speak English. That’s a lot of clicks, but also a lot of missed opportunities if you’re only marketing in English.

It’s an interesting fact – and probably the first reason you should be thinking of translating your websites – that almost half of us are bilingual. Probably many of us speak more than a second language. If that weren’t enough, twice as many people speak English not as their first language – but as a second language.

And that’s the kicker because as everybody knows, people prefer to shop in their own language.

“Independent research organization Common Sense Advisory surveyed more than 3,000 global consumers in 10 non-English-speaking countries in various regions and found that an astonishing 75% prefer to do online shopping in their native language. 60% of the respondents said that they rarely or never buy from English-only websites.”


Multilingual Marketing is More Than a Nice to Have

If your business is online, then you’re open to the world. 24/7 and from anywhere. Chances are that your target group is not just English-speaking either. Ensuring that your marketing is multilingual is so much more than a feature.

Marketing in the various local languages of your region and your audience, allows you to reach and engage with a wider audience. By providing content and marketing in multiple languages, you can effectively communicate with and target customers anywhere. The result is increased traffic, sales, and customer loyalty.

Using more than one language can help your business appear more professional and credible too. It shows you’re committed to catering to the needs and preferences of your entire audience. It can also go a long way to building trust and credibility with visitors and customers.By understanding the language and cultural differences of your target audience, you can create more targeted and relevant marketing campaigns. That can lead to improved conversion rates. Multilingual marketing means, effectively, more sales online and off!

“English is used by 57.9% of all the websites whose content language we know.”


Why Having a Website is So Important to Your Marketing

We’re preaching to the choir here, but it’s a reminder. Multilingual marketing means the potential for another website – or even two. If you’re marketing to an English-speaking audience in Tulsa, then you will probably want another domain and another website for your Italian-speaking audience in Tuscany. If only for SEO purposes.

We know having a website is important to showcase our products, services, and brand. That’s going to be different for geographically unique locations, and best served with a unique website. In addition, our websites

  • provide information about our business, including contact information,
  • highlights the unique features and benefits of our business,
  • and communicates our business’s value proposition to potential customers.

Because our website can also be optimized for search engines, sometimes a unique website for each language has its benefits. The question is – are we translating one page or our entire content? Having a website is a fundamental way for us to build credibility and trust with our customers – and why not do that in their language? A website is essential. Having a WordPress website makes it all easier.

“The first and most essential step in boosting your brand’s digital presence is creating a professional, user-friendly website.”


Having a WordPress Website is Like a Having a Website with Benefits

Translating your content and thinking in the language of your various target groups, is a tall order. It’s a lot of work! We get it. That’s why we’re happy – as are you – that you’re using WordPress for your websites. WordPress does the heavy lifting.

We probably take WordPress for granted. We’ve been using it for a lot of years. While you’re deciding if you should use “Du” or “Sie” for your German marketing campaign, you might like to refresh your memory on why WordPress is such a great CMS.

  • WordPress is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Security: WordPress is regularly updated to address security vulnerabilities.
  • With a wide range of themes and plugins, WordPress is the LEGO of CMS.
  • WordPress is optimized for search engines right out of the box.
  • Scalability: WordPress is scalable, which means it can handle a wide range of needs.
  • WordPress websites are responsive – and were responsive before any other CMS.
  • Community support: WordPress has a large and active community of developers and experts.
  • It’s free to use!

Did we forget anything? Right – the Multilingual plugins! If you’re going to offer multilingual marketing, then you need some help. WordPress is all about being helpful.

Best Multi-language WordPress Plugins

There are many plugins you can use for your WordPress website to get your multilingual marketing up and running. Here are three we really like.


This is a paid plugin ranging in price from $39 – $199 a month, with no free trial available.

WPML runs on over 1,000,000 WordPress sites and offers more than 45 languages. WPML and Weglot both support WooCommerce.


Another paid plugin, Weglot ranges in price from $15 to $699 a month depending on the number of languages. Weglot offers a free 10-day trial. The plugin runs on more than 60,000 websites and offers support in more than 100 languages. There is also the option for creating custom languages, such as British English or French Canadian.


This plugin is available in free and paid versions. The paid version starts at $99 for one year. Support for WooCommerce is available for an additional $99 annual license. For many websites, the free version is probably enough. More than 500,000 WordPress websites currently use the Polylang plugin.

“Multi-language plugins serve the bigger purpose of helping your WordPress site connect with more users. Once implemented, you’re on your way to having your message heard regardless of language.”


The Top 10 Benefits of Having A Multilingual WordPress Website

Benefit 1: Increased global reach

A multilingual website allows you to target and engage with users in different countries and regions. This can lead to increased traffic and sales.

Benefit 2: Enhanced credibility

Providing content in multiple languages can help your business appear more credible and professional.

Benefit 3: Improved search engine rankings

By providing content in multiple languages, you can potentially reach a wider audience. How? By ranking higher in search engine results for each language.

Benefit 4: Improved user experience

A website available in someone’s native language makes them feel more welcome and understood. That’s an important UX point!

Benefit 5: Greater accessibility

People may have difficulty reading or understanding content in other languages. A multilingual website can make your content more accessible. 

Benefit 6: Enhanced localization

By providing content in multiple languages, you can better tailor your messaging and marketing efforts to specific regions and cultures. Do people in Los Angeles have the same colloquialisms as New Yorkers? Probably not.

Benefit 7: Improved communication

A multilingual website can help improve communication with customers, partners, and employees in different parts of the world. This can lead to increased efficiency and collaboration.

Benefit 8: Increased customer loyalty

By catering to people in their native language, you can build stronger relationships with them. The result is increased loyalty to your brand.

Benefit 9: Improved conversion rates

A multilingual website can help improve your conversion rates. How? Simply by making it easier for users to understand and engage with your content.

Benefit 10: Increased competitiveness

What are your competitors doing? A multilingual website can give you a competitive edge. You can reach a wider audience and stand out in a crowded market if you speak Spanish and English.

More sales, access to your audience, brand credibility, and ease of build. Having a multilingual WordPress website sells itself, wouldn’t you say?

“Good copy isn’t easy to write, but it’s worth making the effort or hiring a professional – especially when it comes to translating. According to data shared by OneSpace, as many as 98% of consumers have been dissuaded from making a purchase due to a lack of product information.”

Multilingual Marketing Adds Value. Just Like Super-Fast Hosting

The ability to communicate is a valuable commodity. So let’s talk about how we can migrate your portfolio of client sites to, the fastest WordPress hosting in the world!

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