Announcing: Automated Image Resizing for WordPress

Announcing: Automated Image Resizing for WordPress
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Since’s inception, we’ve worked tirelessly to build the World’s fastest and most secure WordPress platform at the edge of the cloud. In May 2020, around the same time that launched, Google announced its new Core Web Vitals which upended the WordPress optimization game and put website speed at the forefront. How has handled these challenges?

Over the last 21 months, we’ve made some major breakthroughs with our platform including full page caching, Google Font proxying, and an overall 90%+ cache hit ratio platform wide. This has been game changing for all of our customers, especially when it comes to satisfying Core Web Vitals.

What’s Next?

Today, I’m happy to share that we’re taking it a step further by offering Automated Image Resizing powered by Cloudflare Enterprise in Beta. The best part? There’s no configuration required!

At, we’re constantly putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes and one of the most important things is to keep things simple. So to keep that trend, enabling this extremely powerful new feature is as simple as activating a plugin.

Automated Image Resizing for WordPress

Is this a familiar message?

PageSpeed Insights 2022 02 07 11 34 52 - Announcing: Automated Image Resizing for WordPress - Automated Image Resizing for WordPress

With Automated Image Resizing, can help your site to score even better on Core Web Vitals when it comes to serving the most optimal images for each visitor, no matter what device. This product will automatically handle the following actions for your images:

  • Resize – The source image will be resized to the specified height and width to match the visitors device.  This ultimately provides the best possible experience for each and every device/visitor that hits your WordPress website, including Google.
  • Compress – The source image will have its file size reduced by applying lossy compression, ultimately providing a 50-80% reduction in size with zero quality loss!
  • Convert to WebP – When the users browser supports it, the source image will automatically be converted to WebP.  Delivering a WebP image takes advantage of the modern, highly optimized image format.
  • Covert to AVIF – When the browser supports it, images will also be converted to AVIF format on the fly to compress images up to 2x more than JPEG/WEBP.

No Plugins! Automated Image Resizing – Straight from EDGE Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

By using our Automated Image Resizing, customers no longer need to purchase premium plugins like ShortPixel, Imagify, Optimole, or any other third party service. Automated Image Resizing will always make sure your images are served with maximum quality and compression for your visitor.


It’s not uncommon to see customers upload very large images to their WordPress site. We’ve even seen images all the way up to 20MB, which presented some unique challenges for image optimization. It’s also not uncommon to have optimized images uploaded, similar to our blog.

In any case, we did some real world testing to show the before and after results of Automated Image Resizing. In this example, we took a look at WP Optimize Pro and how it optimized an image compared to Automated Image Resizing.

5 00172 9.bk - Announcing: Automated Image Resizing for WordPress - Automated Image Resizing for WordPress
Original: 793K
5 00172 9 - Announcing: Automated Image Resizing for WordPress - Automated Image Resizing for WordPress
WP Optimize Pro: 161K
5 00172 9.bk - Announcing: Automated Image Resizing for WordPress - Automated Image Resizing for WordPress Automated Image Resizing: 31K

Now, not only is it impressive that there was an 5x improvement from WP Optimize Pro, but a 25x improvement from the original image. The resulting image is stored directly on the edge instead of within your WordPress website, ultimately saving you disk space and one less premium plugin subscription.

Another big benefit is the images will be scaled down to match the width and height of your img tags vs the common method of using the large original image with scaled down width and height tags, causing the large image to still be delivered.

So as you can see, Automated Image Resizing is truly a game changer. Not only does it provide an optimal experience for every visitor and every device, but it will also result in a massive bandwidth and storage savings!


We’re still working on our pricing for Automated Image Resizing, but it will be a usage based add-on that’s available for your entire account. As always, our pricing will be extremely easy to understand and very competitive.

We’ve been testing with a small group of customers over the past few weeks and the results have been amazing. More details to come!

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