Heavy Website Traffic? Ready For Your Industry’s Super Bowl?

Heavy Website Traffic? Ready For Your Industry's Super Bowl?
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So about 113 Million people watched the Super Bowl in 2023 according to Nielsen Ratings. You can imagine how many of those viewers are logging on to the websites of advertisers. It’s enough to cripple the average hosting plan for sure and why Rocket’s Enterprise Hosting Plans were born. 

So, you’re not one of the companies that advertised during the Super Bowl, how does this apply to you? Easy. Every industry has their own Super Bowl. For WordPress agencies it’s WordCamp US, for Salesforce developers it’s Dreamforce. Builders have the International Builder’s Show. Roofers have the National Roofing Contractor’s Association. Apartment companies have their event and so on. This is why event marketing is a necessary budget item for every industry’s marketing. 

How Do You Prepare for Your Industry’s Super Bowl?

Make sure that your website is up-to-date. Meaning, is all of the information correct? Are the names listed on your Team Page still the same (did someone get married, for example)? Do all of the social links in your footer work? Is your pricing correct?

The next thing you need to do is audit your site. Is it ready for a traffic spike? Is your client ready to be featured on Oprah? What happens when you win the Shark Tank investment plea? Are you ready for heavy website traffic when it shows up unexpectedly?

“The best way of dealing with a traffic spike is to have the features in place to mitigate them before they actually happen.”

Malee Blue Media

It’s easy to say you should be ready for a spike, but not all spikes can be predicted. Conferences? Sure. Guest appearances on the local news? Maybe. Going viral on Reddit? You probably don’t even know people are making TikToks about your vacuum.

The point is, that if you’re doing your job well – product development, reaching out to PR agencies, attending conferences – you will face your Super Bowl moment. The only question is whether your site can handle it or throw 500 errors. When is it time to move to an Enterprise hosting solution?

With our Enterprise Plans, you’ll be ready to scale up without having to lose a wink of sleep.

The Ask: How Rocket.net Solved A Real Customer Problem

Here’s an email we received from a new customer that recently switched to Rocket.net

We are looking to move our website to another host, our CPU usage is out of control and constantly crashing under the load. Our website is very large and it’s common for us to experience massive spikes in traffic when we run sales or special promotions.

Our traffic logs show a huge decline in traffic from users not able to connect over the last 30 days, our Core Web Vitals tanked I think as well because of it. Maybe Google bots were interrupted as well because our site was constantly down. Since we’re a news website that also sells products, it’s super important it is to get fast crawls. Our team of 4 editors post anywhere from 5-15 new pieces of content per day (28,000 articles +1400 products total), and the site is definitely suffering when Google is crawling new content it seems on a regular basis.

We’re looking for a solution with Cloudflare Enterprise that can help the site performance for both viewers and crawlers. We need a server capable of handling constant editing from multiple users here and can handle high-volume traffic.

Looking for a custom Enterprise solution for your WordPress hosting needs? Book a Demo with Rocket.net for more information

The Response: The Rocket.net Solution

Wow, that’s a ton of traffic that you are managing, we can definitely help there likely with a dedicated node from what you are describing. Our Enterprise options include Object Cache Pro and Relay by default and will help behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly when you are running sales, or can handle any concurrent user traffic spikes that you are experiencing now.

I think you’ll be very pleased with Cloudflare Enterprise, your website will still be served quickly from the geographically closest Cloudflare point of presence that won’t strain your origin server with a +95% cache hit success rate. This will definitely help with making sure your site is being crawled properly and your Core Web Vitals aren’t negatively impacted. We can set you up on a private Slack channel when you need support, let’s jump on a call to discuss further!

The Verdict: Another Happy Customer

Thank you Ben, I can’t believe you migrated everything over so quickly. My team has been pinging me all morning telling me how much better this is than before. Please thank Augusto for all of his help too, he spent over an hour with me in Slack to make sure everything was working properly. I’ll let you know if I need anything else. Thanks again!

Let’s Talk About Your Super Bowl Moment And What Enterprise Hosting Can Do For You!

Enterprise features at a reasonable price? We know how to treat our Enterprise clients and, more importantly, how to be an extension of your existing team. That’s why we believe Rocket.net is the best bet for all of your hosting needs.

Let’s book a call and talk about next steps today – before your Super Bowl arrives.

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