Why Scalability Matters in WordPress Hosting for Agencies

Why Scalability Matters in WordPress Hosting for Agencies
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When you first quit your day job (the cubicle jail) your work came from friends who wanted websites or possibly from a freelancer workplace like UpWork or Codeable. No problem. As your freelancing work grew, you quickly realized your business systems needed to scale with your workload. You are an agency without proper agency tools.

“When considering a digital property for a website, choosing a platform that is scalable gives the business greater flexibility to adapt and expand when necessary.”


Scalability doesn’t matter until it does. Avoid being buried in virtual paperwork and Slack messages at 2:00 AM. Change your hosting to upgrade your agency website.

Agency Scalability Tip 1 – Scale Your WordPress Hosting

We’re starting with the first tip by suggesting your agency ups its hosting game. Why? Before you buy systems and processes to integrate with your website, you’ll want to ensure those productivity improvements don’t have a negative impact on your website.

When clients are scheduling meetings, providing feedback, and paying their invoices on your agency’s website, the last thing you want to happen is a timeout. The scale helps the sale. Plus as an agency reseller, you’ll love our hassle-free migrations. By the time your agency is humming, you pay hardly anything for your own hosting. 

Agency Scalability Tip 2 – Integrate Calendar Tools

Calendar tools go hand-in-hand with the scalability of your WordPress agency. If you can’t easily book presales and client meetings, then when will you do the work? People waste so much time in back-and-forth emails, DMs on X, and private messages in Post Status Slack just scheduling meetings. 

You can certainly use a tool like Calendly. That’s a good first step but an awkward integration, relying upon an HTML block. Of course, you can integrate with Zapier, too – adding a new meeting to your Mailchimp newsletter, for example. Another popular scheduling tool, Doodle, also integrates with Zapier.

At Rocket.net, we use HubSpot and feel it meets our needs as an enterprise business. As your WordPress agency grows, you’ll also want to use tools that save time and money while giving you relevant business analysis.

“One of HubSpot’s best features is its free CRM. This enables you to view your sales pipeline and monitor team performance. With email tracking, live chat, and a meeting scheduler, you’ll have all the tools you need to optimize your agency’s workflow.”

Beaver Builder

Agency Scalability Tip 3 – Improve Client Onboarding

Initial onboarding is one of the most fragile steps of any system or process. Too long and people check out. Too short and people are confused. Remember the last time you tried a new tool or learned a new skill? That really helps with the empathy aspect and showing you care about them.

Clients need an easy way to upload their documents, send files, and communicate with you. Regardless of the tool, be sure to give clients a great onboarding experience with you as their personal tour guide.

This can be done with a simple Loom video or a series of videos in a client-only course you build with LifterLMS.

Looking for the best WordPress hosting for your agency? Impress clients with the best performance and security for your clients to make your life easier managing your business

Agency Scalability Tip 4 – Improve Client Communication

Communicating with your clients throughout the course of the project not only helps to reduce your churn rate but also helps the project move along. This is why we integrated our platform with Atarim last year

Make it easy for your clients to give you timely feedback on the web copy and design. It’s important to know that clients are not necessarily as tech-savvy as you are. Is it really important for them to log into Asana or Basecamp? Maybe keep project management internal.

Agency Scalability Tip 5 – Implement Web-Only Project Payment

Please tell me your agency isn’t accepting personal checks, cash, or money orders. The best way to get your money quickly is with a payment processor and online payments. You’ll gladly accept the 3% processing fee when your cash flow becomes normalized.

Sliced Invoices is an invoicing plugin for WordPress built to be used within WordPress. Depending upon the plan you choose, clients may be able to log in to see their invoices as well.

Web-only project payment can be done with an invoicing system outside of WordPress, of course. Popular choices include FreshBooks and Xero. But what about paying for the website on your website? (So meta!)

“Sprout Invoices is a full-fledged invoicing plugin for WordPress sites. It can estimate the cost of your services and generate detailed invoices for customers automatically.”


Agency Scalability Made Easy With The Future of Website Hosting

Need to scale your WordPress agency’s website? No problem. Want white glove service? No problem. Need to migrate several client websites? We got you.

Streamline your workflow by choosing a reliable, performant hosting platform for WordPress agencies of all sizes. The only question is when you’d like to get going.

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