Top 5 Can’t-Miss Marketing Podcasts for WordPress Agency Owners

Top 5 Can’t-Miss Marketing Podcasts for WordPress Agency Owners
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Marketing podcasts are actually hard to find. There are tons of business podcasts. There are a lot of comedy podcasts. But what about marketing?

As WordPress agency owners, we need to push ourselves beyond the norm. We need to get outside of the WordPress bubble. This is why we’re including out-of-the-box marketing podcasts and not just focusing on WordPress podcasts – of which there are many to choose from. Heck, you may even host one yourself.

If you’re into podcasts (audio learners for the win), then we have suggestions for some podcasts to add to your list. We’d encourage you to keep a journal, too. What learnings come from each episode? How can you apply those learnings to your agency? 

1: Top Marketing Podcast on Apple – Marketing Made Simple

If you search for marketing podcasts on Apple Podcasts, you’ll find that Marketing Made Simple is the top result. This podcast is on the HubSpot Network and is powered by StoryBrand. These podcasts average 30 minutes which is perfect for a morning commute, run, or walk. 

Marketing Made Simple is hosted by Dr. J.J. Peterson (@drjjpeterson on Instagram). There are currently 130 engaging episodes and it has a rating of 4.6. 

Their latest episode talks about local SEO – an underutilized tool for agencies and local businesses. Instead of competing for high-level keywords, be sure people can find your business in your own city or neighborhood.

2: Top Marketing Podcast on Spotify – Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield 

Amy Porterfield is a name you should be familiar with if you’re in marketing. As an author and course creator, she’s been an expert for a hot minute. She understands how to build a business from the ground up as well as, like you, escaping the 9-5 grind.

Online Marketing Made Easy on Spotify is the top result for marketing podcasts for a reason – she’s engaging and fun. This podcast is rated 4.9 on Spotify and has a mix of times. Some episodes are 18 minutes, others are an hour. 

Her website shows that Episode #203 “How To Get Noticed Online When You’re Just Starting Out” is the most popular episode. So, if you decide to start listening to her podcast, maybe start with that one.

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3: Top Marketing Podcast on Audible – The Marketing Secrets Show

Audible has a great way to find marketing podcasts. It allows you to sort by newest, popular, highest rated, and more. The most popular marketing podcast on Audible is The Marketing Secrets Show with Russell Brunson. It has a five-star rating – rare for podcasts, let alone one on marketing.

Maybe you’re not familiar with the name Russell Brunson but you know about ClickFunnels. In 2019, they were a $100mm SaaS. He’s a big fan of bootstrapping so it’s relatable for WordPress Agency owners like yourself.

The first episode of Russell’s show aired on May 15, 2017. Episodes hang out in the 15-22 minute range which keeps you company during a short walk or while making your morning coffee.

One Amazon customer – an entrepreneur like yourself,  maybe – rated it this way:

“Best show ever for entrepreneurs. I got so many nuggets of gold so far. I’m going to listen to every episode. I’ve already listened to a hundred so far. listen to dot com Secrets expert secrets and traffic secrets 5 times already and I just listened to podcasts while I’m in the dishroom. It makes my day so much more enjoyable!”

4: Zapier’s Top Marketing Podcast Pick – Unthinkable

Zapier’s haul of top marketing podcasts starts with Unthinkable. This podcast is hosted by Jay Acunzo who digs into the stories of what makes something interesting, sellable. We get stuck in the “how to” in WordPress. How can I build this funnel? How can I build this integration? How can I make this website fast?

We forget about the why of websites. We overlook the why of the integration. Why does this thing work? Why do people love baseball? Why do people buy they way they do? It’s always the stories. Why? Stories give you the data on the behavior we’re trying to tap into in order to successfully sell our services. Boiled down, that’s marketing.

5: HubSpots’ Top Marketing Podcast Pick – The Shake Up

HubSpot is one of our favorite tools, frankly, so we had to see what marketing podcasts they like. On the top of their list is a podcast on their network: The Shake Up. Of course, they dig into data to find motivation, action, and behavior to distill actionable business insights.

This podcast has a 5.0 rating on Apple podcasts and plenty of episodes to add to your binge playlist. Though there are only 15 episodes at the moment, we believe this one is worth a listen. 

Marketing Podcasts for Website Agencies

What’s your favorite marketing podcast to listen to while you build websites? We’d love to know. And, with all of the time you free up from migrating sites or managing them on not-so-awesome hosts, maybe you only listen while you’re on a kayak.

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