How do I choose the best web hosting service?

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Repeat after me: if my hosting provider costs less than 5% of my phone bill, I shouldn’t expect out-of-this-world service. Don’t be that person who pays $100 per month for good coverage for a single cell phone but blows a fuse when their $4/month hosting goes down for 30 minutes.

High-standard hosting comes at a price, and it isn’t always easy to find. But Josip Radan of is here to guide you through the asteroid field that is the web hosting market to help you find hosting that fits your website and has your back. Read on for his advice.

Web hosting: the do’s and don’ts

Let’s start with the basics. Any novice cybernaut knows that one of the first things you need is a domain name. Once you’ve got that, and you’ve chosen which platform to launch your website from, you need hosting to get it online. Here’s how to find a web hosting provider that you can rely on and won’t disappear like a shooting star at the first sign of trouble.

DON’T: just rely on Google

Don’t think for one minute that typing it into Google will help. Most results are pay-to-play affiliate sites trying to pull you into their orbit with $4/month hosting, empty promises, and promotions. Their gravity’s pretty strong, but, at least in this case, resistance isn’t futile.

DO: begin your search with review sites

Start your mission someplace like, which has reviews of many providers. Find 10-20 providers that pique your interest and do brand-specific searches using resources such as Reddit, TrustPilot, and Web Hosting Talk.

DON’T go for the first offer you see

When searching for the perfect domain name, you’ll be tempted by offers that are almost too good to refuse. This will include promotions for free domains, bundled hosting, and your first year at a low introductory rate. That product could well renew at an astronomical price. You might even be forced to purchase extra privacy options so your inbox isn’t inundated with spambot alien invaders.

DO: invest to get the best deal

I prefer to pay a few extra dollars (and I mean $2-3) to have full privacy, ownership, and control of my domain. At, we also offer an all-in-one service for WordPress, so you’re completely in control, security is included and our mission experts are always on hand if you get stuck.

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Steps to find the best hosting

Some days, it feels as though there are as many web hosting services as there are stars in space. But as we know, some stars shine brighter than others. Here’s how to tell them apart, find the ones that suit you, and make the final choice.

  1. Decide what you need from a web hosting provider

Think about your website’s purpose, and what your requirements are for a web hosting provider. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I have a specific app like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and will I need help with daily use?
  • Do I have a handle on security, especially if I am going to be doing any sort of commerce?
  • Will I need help migrating an existing website?
  • When I need support, what are my expectations? How do I communicate, who do I want to contact and what are my expected time frames?
  • What’s my budget, and will I pay for better service and features?
  • Will my current provider know what to do if my website goes viral?
  • How will I handle email? Can I deal with substandard IMAP or will I use Google Workspace?
  • How will I handle backups, and what will happen if I need a restore?

As you do more research, you might add to these questions. Developing your list is the final piece of your puzzle, and Google is not the answer. The top search results across most search engines are dominated by affiliates who want to suck you into a black hole of reviews, ads, and healthy commissions from the hosting they advertise.

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  1. Find the providers that offer what you need

Once you have concrete answers to the above questions, start your research. While typing “what’s the best hosting for WordPress” into Google is counterproductive, there are other ways to find the most suitable hosting for your website. Here are a few to try:

  • Reddit – Reddit is a hive of info, advice, and opinions. There are plenty of forums and subreddits to help you get the lowdown on different hosting providers.
  • Trustpilot – This review website offers an insight into real-life customers’ experience.
  • Web Hosting Talk – For forums totally devoted to web hosting, this is an excellent option. 
  1. Narrow down the options and do your research

The above should give you a satellite view of the brands you have previously selected and allow you to narrow them down to 2-3 providers. Check out their social media, live chat with them, and start asking them your predefined questions.

Finding the right web hosting involves more than just typing “hosting” into Google. Suppose you’re serious about making your website work. In that case, you have to be down-to-Earth about your expectations, budget, and requirements. Follow the above, and your website will be ready for blastoff in no time.

If you’re tempted to try an all-in-one web hosting provider for WordPress with multiple pricing plans and out-of-this-world customer service, click here to blast off with today.

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