Can My Business Benefit From Rocket’s Enterprise Hosting Plan If We Already Have Cloudflare’s CDN?

Can My Business Benefit From Rocket's Enterprise Hosting Plan If We Already Have Cloudflare's CDN?
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Yes. The short answer is yes, your business can benefit from our Enterprise Plan even if you already have Cloudflare’s CDN.

Your high-traffic website deserves more than just a content delivery network (CDN). Sure CDNs like Cloudflare are an important part of optimizing the speed and experience of your website, but that isn’t the end of website optimizations. 

High-volume sites have more server traffic than just that one customer subscribing to your bourbon of the month club. Enterprise eCommerce sites need to render in less than 3 seconds for a large number of concurrent visitors – and fend off attackers – all while making it easy for the consumer to buy your innovative product that they saw on an Instagram Ad. Oh, and the customer isn’t on WiFi.

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Why Are High Volume Sites Different?

Imagine if we could slice a server open and show the layers of operations as a high-powered microscope shows cellular functionality. That cross-section would show layers upon layers of server language, routing calls, firewalls, spam blockers, and yes your WordPress site, your CDN of choice, and more. 

That one customer pulling up your cat toy in Cincinnati, Ohio on their Samsung Galaxy while waiting to be seated at Skyline for some chili doesn’t care what makes your website work. They’re either going to impulse buy the toy or be distracted by their server finally seating them.

If you aren’t sure what sort of Enterprise hosting plan you need, you can always book a meeting and we’ll review all of your requirements to make sure your business is ready for anything that comes your way.

Can My Business Benefit from Enterprise Hosting? We Already Use Cloudflare’s CDN.

We think it’s great you’re using Cloudflare’s CDN. We love it. The Rocket Platform was built to be fully compatible with Cloudflare DNS. The only thing you have to do is use DNS ONLY mode when pointing to the Enterprise Edge. But you won’t be getting our experienced customer support, dedicated Slack channel, or the benefit of our entire platform.

After all, website hosting isn’t website hosting which isn’t website hosting. Right? Not all hosting companies are created equally, commodity hosting simply isn’t an option if you are looking for a competitive edge. It’s more different than comparing apples to oranges. It’s comparing apples to a warm apple pie served a la mode when you request it – with a cup of coffee. In short, when proactive and personal support is needed most, is always there for all of your Enterprise hosting needs.

I was getting tired of managing my server. I found and they completely took over every aspect. The support response speed is lighting fast. The support team is ridiculously smart and polite. This hosting company really has your back.

John Clark

What Makes’s Enterprise Different?

We do a few things differently in WordPress Enterprise Hosting at First and foremost, we run bare metal hardware. In a cloud-based world, why does this matter? 

Controlling our physical infrastructure allows us to build a platform you can take full advantage of. We have directly connected NVMe storage to make sure there’s no bottleneck when editing on the back end. A huge problem for high-volume sites is slow editing in the back end. 

In addition to that, Cloudflare Enterprise + Object Cache Pro + Relay will help ensure that viewers see a speedy response on the front end no matter how busy things get. Meaning, your customers can buy your fancy cat toys before they start eating chili. 

You Deserve Better! Get WordPress Enterprise Hosting With A Team That’s Always There For You

Enterprise features at a reasonable price? Yes, please. We know how to treat our Enterprise clients and, more importantly, how to be an extension of your existing team. Talk to us about the experience and see why we’re just different than everyone else. 

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