A New Host: How to Migrate Your WordPress Site to Rocket.net

Are you really happy with your WordPress hosting provider? Does it go to the moon and back for you? If not, it might be time to think about changing it. Whether you have a single website or manage multiple WordPress sites, changing your hosting provider is a cinch.

Welcome to the Rocket.net galaxy. Here’s our rundown on hassle-free migration to help you to move your website to hosting that gets your website ready for blast off.

Why change your hosting provider?

There are lots of reasons to change your hosting provider. Perhaps you need to streamline your hosting. If you’re an agency managing multiple WordPress sites, having them floating all over cyberspace is a nightmare. You waste time having to remember hundreds of passwords and visiting a different provider’s login screen every time you want to tweak something.

Your customers deserve reliable service. With one hosting provider, you offer consistency of service to all of your clients. Additionally, if your hosting provider seems to disappear into a black hole every time you need help, it’s time to find a new one. 

So what can you do? There’s no need to be lost in space with multiple hosting providers. Jump on Rocket.net and get your WordPress stars aligned. 

The solution: Rocket.net Migration

Rocket.net offers a one-day, money-back WordPress migration service. There are no strings attached, as you have 30 days to claim your money back (and migrate your sites back for free!) if you’re not satisfied. It’s zero-gravity site migration.

Rocket’s seasoned web hosting astronauts, Ben & Aaron, have over 20 years of experience navigating migrations through cyberspace. They’re your mission experts who will guide you throughout the entire process.

How to 

It couldn’t be simpler to migrate your WordPress website(s) to Rocket.net’s streamlined hosting. Here’s your mission:

  1. Contact Rocket.net to set up an account and request a website migration.
  2. Migrate any number of websites to Rocket.net’s platform. Follow instructions from your mission experts in your own private #Slack channel.
  3. Turn your forcefield on! Your Rocket.net migration eradicates any space aliens or malware lurking on your site, and includes enterprise-grade security. 
  4. Test out your new hosting! You’ll get a temporary Rocket URL before going live so you’re well-prepared for blast off.

Why Rocket?

Here are just a few benefits that Rocket.net’s WordPress migration service offers:

  • Ben & Aaron have eons of experience in mass website migrations. You’re in safe hands! No matter the size of your website, or the number of websites you manage, your WordPress will land safely on planet Rocket.net.
  • Your WordPress migration takes an average of two hours to carry out everything from data transfer right through to testing, performance evaluation, and cleanup. It’s not quite lightspeed, but it’s pretty close.
  • Unlike other hosting providers, Rocket.net will help you update your DNS. If you’re looking at what seems to be the complicated controls of a spaceship, we can steer you back into orbit. Ben & Aaron have years of experience of hundreds of DNS providers, so you’ll be saved the headache.
  • Rocket.net is on hand 24/7 and ready to launch a rescue mission, even if you try to migrate the website yourself and get stuck. As we’ve said above, you’ll always be in touch with the experts and your website gets a free boost and forcefield in a CloudFlare Enterprise Plan.

With all of these advantages, your WordPress website is ready to migrate to Rocket.net and soar through cyberspace. 

Contact your mission experts today to try out Rocket.net’s no-lose zero-gravity WordPress site migration. Questions about migrating your website? Let us know below!