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At Rocket.net we offer a wide variety of solutions for your business. From single site Managed WordPress Hosting plans and Agency WordPress Hosting needs, to high-performance Enterprise WordPress Hosting needs.

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Managed WordPress Hosting

Place your WordPress website on auto-pilot with Rocket.net’s Managed WordPress Hosting products.

  • Instant WordPress Install

    WordPress is automatically installed in 60 seconds or less and immediately available on a temporary domain.

  • Preconfigured Speed & Security Optimizations

    Don’t worry about speed or security, with Cloudflare Enterprise and our proprietary setup, your WordPress is already accelerated and secured to it’s maximum potential.

  • Automated Updates

    Never worry about missing an update again. Rocket.net can automatically update WordPress Core, Plugins, and even Themes!

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WordPress Hosting Solutions - Managed WordPress Hosting
WordPress Hosting Solutions - Managed WordPress Hosting for Agencies

Managed WordPress Hosting for Agencies

Rocket’s platform is designed to effortlessly manage 1 or 1,000’s sites, making it the perfect choice for your agency.

  • Cloudflare Enterprise Bundle

    Advertise and provide your customers with over $6,000 of value with Cloudflare Enterprise, giving your websites the ultimate SEO advantage.

  • Free Migrations

    Continue to grow your business without ever having to worry about a migration. Our team will migrate WordPress websites for you at any time, no charge.

  • Multiuser Support

    Have a big team? Invite as many developers or team members as you like.

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Managed WordPress Reseller Hosting

Resell the fastest and most secure Managed WordPress Hosting on the market with our full white-label reseller solution.

  • True White-label Experience

    Our solution is truly white-labled thanks to our easy to use WooCommerce plugin. You can customize the colors and entire experience around the entire Rocket.net portal for your customers.

  • Easy Setup

    Simply install a plugin with WooCommerce, plug in your credentials, and you’re ready to start reselling Managed WordPress Hosting.

  • Automated Provisioning

    The site creation and WordPress installation process is completed automated by the Rocket.net API. Simply activate an order in WooCommerce and your customer is in WP Admin with seconds.

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WordPress Hosting Solutions - Managed WordPress Reseller Hosting
WordPress Hosting Solutions - Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Have a dynamic powerhouse like WooCommerce? With our ultimate performance bundle and powerful servers our platform can handle thousands of orders per minute without breaking a sweat.

  • Edge Delivery

    With Cloudflare Enterprise in front of everything, we can deliver over 85-90% of your stores content directly from the CDN.

  • Turbo Charged PHP

    Powered by Relay, your WordPress will receive the next-generation caching layer for PHP. With it’s shared in-memory cache, dynamic requests can be served without ever having to actually process PHP code.

  • Redis & Object Cache Pro

    WordPress relies heavily on dynamic transactions that need the database. With the use of Redis and Object Cache Pro we are able to reduce those heavy database needs by 90%.

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WooCommerce Hosting

Create a faster and more secure shopping experience with Rocket.net’s powerful platform.

  • Edge Delivery

    With Cloudflare Enterprise in front of everything, we can deliver over 85-90% of your stores content directly from the CDN.

  • Built-in Security

    Win trust and keep your business secure with our built-in Website Security Suite. No need to purchase premium plugins or third party services – every WooCommerce store is secured at no additional charge.

  • Unlimited PHP Workers

    Your store means business and should not be limited by PHP workers. With our Enterprise CDN delivering over 90% of traffic, we do not enforce PHP limits for our customers.

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WordPress Hosting Solutions - WooCommerce Hosting