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Enterprise CDN

Rocket offers a finely tuned CloudFlare Enterprise configuration for EVERY account! Your WordPress installs will enjoy edge optimized, malware resistant, off server image optimizations, never expiring SSL all served directly to CloudFlare via NGNIX micro-caching origin servers.

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Free with every account!

Eliminate Costly Plugins

The Rocket Platform has built-in features that eliminate your need for otherwise paid version of WordPress plugins.  Security, image optimization, CDN, and JS content loaders can all be removed, as they are features built into your new platform.

  • Firewall/WAF Plugins
  • Image Optimization Plugins
  • JS Prioritization Plugins
  • Malware Protection Plugins
  • CDN Plugins
  • Caching Plugins

CloudFlare Enterprise

This premium feature is designed specifically for WordPress & instantly on for every account. Our on by default philosophy provided your WordPress site with enterprise security, performance, and optimizations with zero-configuration.

  • Instant Image & File Optimizations
  • $6,000 MSRP (included free)
  • Priority CDN Network
  • Always-On Security
  • Scalable DDOS Protection
  • 100% Uptime & 25X Enterprise SLA

Web Application Firewall

An intelligent, integrated and scalable solution to protect WordPress from malicious attacks, with no changes, plugins, or configurations needed.  Cloudflare’s enterprise-class WAF protects SaaS applications from zero-day, common application vulnerability attacks, and OWASP Top 10 vulnerability attacks.

  • 37 Tbps Global Network
  • Zero-Day Patch Protection
  • Zero-Configuration
  • Managed Rulesets
  • CDN + Edge Optimized
  • DDOS Protection

Complete Malware Protection

Rocket’s complete malware protection & prevention will keep your site safe from viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, spyware, adware, and other types of harmful software.  We’ll even scan & clean your site during your migration, providing 100% guaranteed a malware free experience.

  • Spyware Prevention
  • Proactive Malware Protection
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Realtime Upload Scans
  • Automated Quarantines
  • Always-On Protection

Instant Speed Optimizations

Rocket’s Edge optimized connection to the world’s fastest CDN has its perks.  Unique to the CloudFlare Enterprise platform are off server optimizations that compress, load, and image resizing that boost performance without expense.

  • File Compression via Brotli
  • Polish Image Optimization
  • Mirage Image Optimization
  • Argo Smart Routing
  • Tiered Caching
  • Zero-Configuration

Edge Micro-Caching

Rockets Edge enhanced WordPress specific micro-caching layer that even works with websites running dynamic plugins like WooCommerce. Our 1s micro-cache layer delivers content directly from the caching layer to over 200 locations in near real time.

  • NGNIX with Reverse Caching
  • Built-in Asset Proxy
  • Static & Dynamic Content
  • Priority CDN Distribution
  • Origin Cache Control
  • Reduced DNS Lookups

Mission Control

Effortlessly launch, manage, and boost WordPress performance from a single interface.

Mission Control

Managed WordPress

From plugin installation to general troubleshooting – we’ve got you covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Managed WordPress