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way to host WordPress. is the only all-in-one WordPress platform that’s optimized and delivered by Cloudflare Enterprise. With built-in CDN and WAF, every WordPress install is delivered as fast and secure as possible.

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Powering Agencies and Customers Alike

Our Platform powers WordPress websites of all sizes. Hear more in our Customer Case Studies Customer Logos

All-in-one Managed WordPress Hosting

Our platform is built for WordPress from the ground up. No need to mess with hundreds of CDN and WAF settings to find something that works well, if you’re running WordPress, it’ll blast off on!

Blazing Fast WordPress Hosting
WordPress Website Firewall
  • Always Nearby, Everywhere

    Your WordPress is automatically cached and optimized in 200+ locations around the world. Ultimately delivering your website as close as possible to your visitors.

  • Goodbye Hackers & Malware

    With our built-in and always on Website Security Suite, your WordPress site is protected from hackers at all times. No need to install premium plugins or purchase additional services

Proof Is In The Stats

We didn’t build to be another host, we built it from the ground up to be on another level and we’re proud to share our actual data! Platform

Over the last 24 hours

  • 11,530,034
    Total amount of requests delivered by
  • 97.3%
    Cache Hit Ratio
    Cache Hit Ratio
    Total amount of hits served from our Enterprise CDN.
  • 236,000
    Security Events Stopped
    Security Events Stopped
    The amount of WordPress threats blocked by our Enterprise WAF.
  • 70ms
    Time To First Byte
    Time To First Byte
    Average TTFB across the entire platform.

And What Do Our Customers See?

Actual customer speed improvements (averaged out) coming from their previous hosting provider.

  • TTFB
    Time to First Byte
    Time to First Byte
    TTFB measures the duration from the user or client making an HTTP request to the first byte of the page being received by the client's browser.
    ~233% Faster
  • FCP
    First Contentful Paint
    First Contentful Paint
    First Contentful Paint (FCP) is when the browser renders the first bit of content from the DOM, providing the first feedback to the user that the page is actually loading.
    ~45% Faster
  • FID
    First Input Delay
    First Input Delay
    First Input Delay (FID) measures the time from when a user first interacts with your site.
    ~38% Faster
  • TTI
    Time to Interactive
    Time to Interactive
    Time to Interactive (TTI) is a non-standardized web performance 'progress' metric defined as the point in time when the last Long Task finished.
    ~29% Faster

Award Winning Service & Support

Ground control is always on hand to keep your WordPress sites in orbit.
Here are some of our previous successful missions:

Chris Azzari

The best support I have ever seen has the best support I have ever seen and that doesn’t mean things were breaking left and it right, it just means when I decided to move my 40+ websites over to them, they were there to make sure it all went smoothly, made sure all the sites worked properly etc… not to mention all my sites are much faster and safer!

Christopher Azzari The Daily Sem
  • From 2.5s to
  • 131ms
  • TTFB
  • 1,808% Faster
  • From 6s to
  • 1.6s
  • Site Load
  • 275% Faster
  • Compared to previous host SiteGround.
Joshua Etheridge

One of the fastest WordPress hosting

One of the fastest WordPress hosting companies I’ve been with. I’ve worked with Kinsta, Cloudways, Flywheel, and Wordify… has not only exceed expectations in server performance and technology but also in customer support and response! I cannot wait to see our relationship grow with them.

Joshua Etheridge Twodot.Marketing
  • From 301ms to
  • 107ms
  • TTFB
  • 181% Faster
  • From 8.7s to
  • 4.5s
  • Site Load
  • 93% Faster
  • Compared to previous host Wordify.

Award Winning Managed Hosting

Our all-in-one WordPress hosting is acclaimed across the galaxy. We’ve received out-of-this-world reviews from customers, expert bloggers, and many more.

  • WPBeginner
  • WPLift
  • Hostreview
  • Trustpilot
  • FindBestHosts
  • many others! Awards

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